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Ættkvíslir Fjörðinn

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Ættkvíslir Fjörðinn

(Clans of the Fjord)


Guild Info

Ulfrad has set his mind to unify the Vrykul under a single banner. And to that at extent he has gone around to unify various wandering Vrykul into a single band. Their current goal is to start to gain support from the main clans, whether it be through diplomacy or force.

Ulfrad and those who follow him have a dislike for undead and do not believe in a Death God. They accept nearly all Vrykul, except those who follow the ways of necromancy and keep their belief in the Lich Ki



Currently the group is at odds with the Cabal of Damnation, and has a long run goal of Whipping them from the north.





Jarl & Grand Housecarl

The Jarl is the presiding leader of the Vrykul. His or her job is to make executive decisions on matters sorted out by the clans. The Jarl has the highest say on wars and external matters, he also leads the armies and gives the nation guidance under his wisdom. The Jarl is advised and protected by his Grand Housecarl, who is given the title by the Jarl, who in turn chooses this housecarl out of all the vrykul. The Grand Housecarl may lead the vrykul armies or be the Jarl's bodyguard.

In absence of a Jarl, the Grand Housecarl may take up the mantle as Ward, presiding over the nation as a Jarl would but only until a new Jarl is made.



Each clan in the Fjord is ruled by its Cheiftan, who take up the title of Thane in the group. Each than rules over their clans villages and their clan. Every thane is required to join up with each other in a council to voice their opinions and vote on matters that affect the Vrykul as a whole.



Housecarls are the champions of each individual thane. There is only 1 Housecarl per Thane. These are some of the most respected indiviuals in each of the clan, some might be great warriors, extraordinary hunters, or even the grandest of mages. They might be called upon to lead armies within the vrykul ranks or they may accompany their thanes into battle.



The common Vrykul, whether it be simple Shoveltusk herder, wandering hunter or clan warrior, they will join as this rank in their clan. This rank makes up a majority of the group.

OOC Information

Vrykul Guild about uniting the people of the Fjord. It is led by Ulfrad however he is not meant to reign as leader forever, once the clans are mostly unfied, he plans to host a tournament for anyone to join to attempt to win and take the mantle of true leader. However this could change depending on IC circumstances.

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Yeah, I'll join this, seems rather interesting and fun to join.

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Currently the group is at odds with the Cabal of Damnation, and has a long run goal of Whipping them from the north.


Please, spare yourselves from a crushing defeat. :p

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Currently within the Grizzled Hills of the north, Brynjolff has attacked the main camp, leading to some injuries before he was brought down and captured by Ulfrad and his men. For now the Ice Giant remains chained and placed at one side of the camp near the mountain, with his weapons on the other side of the camp. 

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Hmm. I may join this with Syn, or if no one else is able to take over Nordsverding Clan then I might bring Heimdallr and Skoldr up there, but I will have to figure out how xD

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