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[WIP] Order of the Sky

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Skezzik, the Arakkoa sage, and former member of the Conclave of Belor'dorei has embarked on a new branch of his journey after more then a month of meditation and reflection following the victory over the twilight hammer incursion on Eversong and the Ghostlands. Skezzik seeks to continue his quest to restore order to the elements wherever the spirit of the land calls him. This is no easy task and he cedits his past success to the aid given by gifted and devoted individuals he so lovingly calls his friends. Venturing out of the Sin'dorei sphere of influence, he will be calling upon any who wish to accompany or aid him in this task.

Skezzik has had visions of the past culture of the Arakkoa from the time before the sundering of Draenor, he believes that uniting himself with the forces of the elements is the true path to recovering his ancestral revearment of the sky. The forces of air move and shift clouds, perpetuated by the forces of water to create storms and call upon lightning, to bring forth fire upon the earth, which so graciously accepts it as it's host and foundation. The sky is the apitomy of the culmination of the elements and to know it is to know enlightenment.

With these teachings and the will of those who wish to correct the chaos that plagues the elements of Azeroth, Skezzik hopes to further fulfill his promises he made upon his departure from his world.

With this guild I seek to further explore the themes set in motion from Cataclysm, and the state of the world after the fall of Deathwing. I aim to create exciting story development and event chains that welcome not only members of the order, but any who choose to set aside the war between the horde and alliance for the greater good of preserving the balance of nature. If all goes as planned this guild would make for interesting RP leading into the eventual release of Mists of Pandaria, and the revealing of the sha.

Details are still being drawn up, but I welcome any input, and those who would like to join Skezzik on his path.

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