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The Evil Within

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The Evil Within

Themed Music

You are evil, or so your accusers claimed. It is they that sentenced you here.

For the crimes of your past, you have been banished away to the sunless hole known as the Slough of Despair.

Slough of Despair – The ancient and terrible hellhole of legend. The home of death and the damned.

Rumors tell of this treacherous underground world. A place of eerie lights and sanguine pools.

Where it is told the screams of tortured bodies penetrate through the world's embodiment to trouble the dreams of man and turn the wicked insane.

You find yourself now bound and kneeling atop the bow of an airship with the other condemned.

Your destination is set, the Violet Hold, Dalaran's Prison for the unsavory.

After three hard days at sail you hear the crewmen shouting.

"The place has been found. The portal has opened."

The wondrous floating city is no where in sight.

A new sentence is to be carried out upon you.

Your death seems certain now as the sentence is carried out. The dark vortex opens, and you are cast into the abyss.

Amidst the turmoil of the storm you notice a glowing radiance in the depths.

The warm light beckons as you are carried deeper down by the vortex of shadow.

The torrent forces you down towards the ground below. Light shines like a burning hole in the crust of the earth.

You see what could be a portal to another world. The light is so close now that it blinds you.

You feel relief as you pass unharmed through the glowing threshold.

Your body slams into water and your lungs burn for the want of air.

You writhe and wriggle, gasping for air, but nothing comes.

Your fate is sealed, your mind comes to peace.

In a final moment of bliss, you are filled with a comforting feeling. Warmth and ecstasy flow over your body.

The feeling is cut short as your body is clenched from the water. Starved lungs gasp sulfur laden air.

After a moment of staggered silence, your vision returns. You find yourself in a vast unlit cavern.

Your dazzled eyes can just make out the outlines of other bodies beside you.

You recognize them as your fellow condemned prisoners.

Some of them appear to be still alive. Their shredded clothes hang limply off their exhausted bodies.

You notice a terrible pain in your head now as you and the other survivors attempt to stand.

You try to speak but your hoarse words of greeting are cut off by the sound of tittering laughter.

The obscene laughter quickly surrounds you in the dark.

Glowing lights move in. Countless shapes swarm your group, moving in closer.

You realize that the lights are eyes staring fixedly at you in the dark.

As the eyes approach, the laughter increases.



The Evil Within is populated by the members of the condemned. Alliance prisoners of war, and Horde Political prisoners. They are equalized in the eyes of the beasts that dwell within. They are cast down from the surface world, into an area that holds a fate worse than death. Atop a mass of piled corpses, torn to pieces by vicious maws, they find themselves lost in an underground.

While there may be some who vie for power over the remaining prisoners, only banding together will prove to lead to their survival. Faced with moral decisions and related outcomes, the players will have to find themselves to determine their true ambitions in life. Whether they pursue redemption or succumb to evil, will determine whether or not they escape impending doom.

If players are able to make their way beyond the crypt, they will be met with a new life. Living in secrecy, out of fear their past may be discovered, players must set up a base of operations. Upon reaching this point, a variety of things will open up.


Specialized Mechanics

On the quest to enhance game play, and make decisions more meaningful for players, a few mechanics will be added.

Psyche - During the course of the adventure, players will find themselves being driven ever closer to insanity. With each new step into the lingering darkness, and each new encounter, players will be broken down at the mental level. As Psyche drains, characters find themselves being manipulated by their own will. However, if your Psyche is to exceed a threshold, certain bonuses are applied to your character as he is propelled by bravery into the deep.
Weaknesses & Triggers - All characters participating within this event will be tasked with determining an evil attuned trait with an associating situation that would trigger it. For instance, a barbarian may choose to have a certain situation cause him to instantly enrage at whatever is offending him. These effects must be taken into immediate notice, and you must act accordingly.


Player Information

Allowed Players - The vast majority of playable races are allowed to participate within the events which stem from this. Your character must have an associated past which would cause him to be dealt with by the horde in this way. That being said, it must be within the realm of reason in relation to your character being able to be bound by this place. This is essentially an under-the-table death sentence, and they would only be sending those who they are confident would perish within. This is pretty much a way for me to say that there will be almost no characters with a magical affinity allowed.
The Players - Characters new and old can find themselves pulled into this event, however, it should be noted that you will be stripped of everything aside from a cloth tunic. This is largely a quest tuned towards creative resourcefulness to accomplish tasks and goals.
Joining - Given the current nature of this event, player profiles will start out with few words. For purposes of me keeping your character under my watchful eye, and ensuring you handle triggers properly, I will be in need of a sheet with the following items.

Alignment - All characters start out evil, this is subject to change. For help, see 'Alignments.'
Name - The name of the character you will be presenting in this event.
Brief Description - This includes your race, gender, class, and pertinent information in a summed up way. I want a short over-view of what crimes have led to your character being dealt with in this sort of way included here.
Weakness - The alignment attuned weakness which you have generated for your character. It must be substantial and warranted.
Trigger - What causes your character's weakness to surface?


Lawful Evil - A Lawful Evil character sees a well-ordered system as being easier to exploit, and shows a combination of desirable and undesirable traits; while it usually obeys its superiors and keeps its word, it cares nothing for the rights and freedoms of other individuals and is not averse to twisting rules in its favor. Examples of this alignment include tyrants, devils, undiscriminating mercenary types who have a strict code of conduct, and loyal soldiers who enjoy the act of killing
Neutral Evil - A Neutral Evil character is typically selfish and has no qualms about turning on its allies-of-the-moment, and usually makes allies primarily to further its own goals. A Neutral Evil has no compunctions about harming others to get what it wants, but neither will it go out of its way to cause carnage or mayhem when it sees no direct benefit for itself. Such a character abides by laws for only as long as it is convenient. A villain of this alignment can be more dangerous than either Lawful or Chaotic Evil characters, since he or she is neither bound by any sort of honor or tradition nor disorganized and pointlessly violent.
Chaotic Evil - A Chaotic Evil character tends to have no respect for rules, other people's lives, or anything but its own desires, which are typically selfish and cruel. It sets a high value on personal freedom, but does not have any regard for the lives or freedom of other people. Chaotic Evil characters do not work well in groups, as they resent being given orders, and usually behave themselves only out of fear of punishment


Rules, Regulations & F.A.Q.

What isn't allowed - Anything that would strictly go against any rules outlined by paragon itself. This extends to anything that hampers the enjoyment level of other participants of the event. Magic will be, for the most part, limited or banned. Given the fact that characters will have a serious hatred for one another, a level of maturity is required so that fights are not commonplace. Bickering will not be heavily tolerated, and we will spend no more than a few minutes discussing any problems that aren't in relation to character death.
What is allowed - Nearly anything else that isn't a generated loophole. This is a test of the player's ingenuity and creativity, if you are able to weasel yourself out of an encounter than so be it. An attempt at realism will be made throughout the entirety of this event chain, and all actions will be accounted for. The difficulty is largely dependent on the players.
Difficulty - This could range from a walk in the park, to a literal death sentence. Things will be placed to encourage players to think outside of normal means. Monsters have their weaknesses, as do you. Because you will start with literally nothing, you must learn to take your environments into account and utilize them to your benefit. If this expectation is met, you'll live, if not, then the Horde was successful in their attempt at killing you.
Taverns - Tavern RolePlay is not something to expect from this event in its early stages. Once players escape from the cavernous underground, they will be met with an expanding world, but that's assuming you can survive that long.
Light Levels - This cavern is extremely dark, void of most light. You should take that into account, and while your eyes will adjust as time goes on, the first moments of your adventure should be treated as if your character were blind. There will be oppurtunities that torches and or fires could be made, so keep an eye out.
World Tendency - In a sense, things will be updated in real-time. Meaning that there are actions being conducted behind the scenes that may alter the flow. This means that if you light a fire, be prepared for the things that go bump in the night. You do not know what you do not need to know.
RolePlay Style - While this may seem like a hack and slash adventure, that is not the correct mindset. You should fear your fellow players as much as what is waiting in the dark. This place has a weird effect on people. On top of that, there will be times when it is better for you to stay a while and listen. Collecting yourself to boost Psyche is always a good idea.


Dark & Serious Roleplay - This will not be one of the more Light-Hearted events I am hoping to run. It will be dealing with a lot of darkened subjects, and there are things people may find offensive. If any of these things would make you uncomfortable, and I'm certainly not judging you as I pass out at the sight of needles, feel free to skip out on this one.
Immersion - In order to get players immersed within the settings, audio files will be offered for streaming. They can be viewed here and here!
Time-Frame - When this event is going to occur is something that is yet to be determined. Mostly because it's dependent on the people who wish to join, and the schedules that best fit them. Post interests below, or send me a PM if this is something you'd like to be included in!

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Alignment - Lawful Evil
Name - Wedge Finn
Brief Description - Wedge is a tall Human, with short dark brown hair. As a man who nearly doesn't have enough time to shave anymore, his beard would be grown it's full extent. Being a Billy Bad Ass Wedge would also be tattooed all over his torso and arms, as his attitude would give off an arrogant and uncaring sense. Wedge's crime would be simple, being a human whom ran into Garrosh supporting orcs. He would've had this run in escaping Theramore Isle after being accused of murdering a fellow Guardsmen that was linked to even more murders.
Weakness - Ironic as it maybe be, Wedge to his core is truly Hemophobic. His murders never bled in their deaths, merely suffocated. The fear of blood so great that Wedge would begin to feel nauseous and trigger a fight or flight response, in accordance with his Evil alignment it was be Fight over flight.
Trigger - Blood, slashes, cuts, general bleeding from orifices, severed limbs etc. etc. 

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Alignment - Neutral Evil
Name - Asch Holt
Brief Description - A half elf, his unwashed hair fell to his shoulders in ropes and tangles, the clothes were rotting on his body, his face was pale and wasted, yet he radiates an air of magnificence. A rather friendly man, the rumors of his crime paint a different image. He is held guilty for a series of gruesome murders throughout Elwynn Forest. Otherwise, he outwardly appears to be the generic fantasy legend being brought into reality. Only time may tell what is true.
Weakness - Chronic Backstabbing/Asshole Syndrome
Trigger - It should be obvious.

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Alignment - Chaotic Evil
Name - Elythri Farwind
Brief Description - A small of figure Kaldorei rogue who garned herself a gruesome reputation.  Known to some as the Bloody Waif, Elythri was a recent criminal of the Stormwind alleys.  She would attack innocent passerbys and rob them.  Never did she kill her victims, but she would leave them with cuts all over their body.  For each crime she committed she would carve a notch into her thighs*.
Weakness - Masochist ; The product of a psychologically damaging past, Elythri takes to taking out her emotions by cutting herself.  Extreme stress can cause her to have a breakdown and spend several turns harming herself, using her nails if no other weapon is present.
Trigger - Blood.  The sight of blood causes her to go into a panic that stages from a state of euphoria* to a crippling mental breakdown.

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Alignment - Chaotic Evil


Name - Athyrria Manabane


Brief Description: The enemy of magic- hater of spellcasters and those who would abuse the latent magics of the world. They allowed her sadism to flourish, the people of the Kaldorei seeing little issue with the woman who would rid their forests and jungles of magic users- those they had fought so hard to expel and eradicate...


Although such habits may have been acceptable in the times of the Kaldorei's isolation from the outside world, the Alliance was not nearly so patient in dealing with the Watcher's sadistic practices. Though it was tenuous at best, she served as a mage-hunter with those in Teldrassil providing her some political protection from extradition.


When the Shen'dralar returned, she found herself no longer protected by her backers in Darnassus.


Weakness: Anti-Mage/Sadisic - Athyrria cannot control herself when witnessing the abuse of mana, magics or the gross misuse of spells. Not only will she go to great lengths to have the abuser under her power, if she cannot correct their habits they must be dealt with in the way scum such as them deserve.


Trigger: Elves - Blood, High, Night, Half elves who like magic a little too much. All of these races are prone to magic abuse and must be dealt with accordingly. If they cannot curb their addiction, the corrupted spark of their life must be extinguished, but not before being twisted and torn to punish them for their "sins" and disconnect them from the Emerald Dream.

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Alignment - Neutral Evil.


Name - Jerrie 'Jay' Clinton.


Brief Description - Jerrie, a second-hand thief, served as a hitman for the Defias for a lot of time. He has been sentenced here because of the crimes he had

committed against Stormwind and its inhabitants, from assassinations to theft of high valuable objects.


He is a tall black male, lacking heavy muscles or mass. His build is thin and his agility high. He lacks hair upon his head and his beard appears to be shaved. He always keeps a hood over his head. It may be just for fashion, but who knows? He's an experienced rogue, being able to craft lethal weapons merely from scraps.


Weakness - A greedy persona who doesn't appear to want his allies' good, but he will surely use them to his own benefit. He generally dislikes people who can't play it nicely and it's required to and might end up starting fights just for fun.


Trigger - Anything, really. From the other PCs' inability to properly do things correctly to him wanting to start trouble, just for fun.

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Alignment - Lawful Evil


Name - Nelkiar Frostheart


Brief Description - A recent addition to the Stormwind military after his decided return from the Ebon Blade, Nelkiar's past caught up to him, assigned to what the military calls a "Suicide squad" it was unfortunate that his five supposed comrades were infact former slaves of the scourge, and were personally caught at the time by Nelkiar. 


Perhaps some corrupt noble or military force was behind the "Random" group, but when the mission began Nelkiar found his supposed "Allies" disabling him mid-combat and trading him to the Horde dogs for a few gold peices.


Weakness - Mental Conditioning from the scourge is a hard thing to break, it's addiction is described to be so great that even the Sin'dorei's need for magic is dwarfed by it, Nelkiar is certainly no different, with a need to inflict suffering lest he go mad.


Trigger - Mortal things, I.e. weaknesses associated with being alive, anything from giving up due to exhaustion or complaining of hunger can set off his need to purge the weak from his group.

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