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[align=left]Wintergarde, built near the mountains between Dun Morogh and the Wetlands, due to the now destroyed Menethil Harbor, the Humans and Dwarves of Khaz Modan have established a new settlement to compensate for the loss of Menethil Harbor, which is currently under construction.The Branches of the town itself are as following:


The Military is one of the main branches of Wintergarde. They are tasked with Guarding the town and it's citizens, attacking nearby enemies and ensuring the safety of the town overall, aswell as serving as a standing military force that can be called to several scenarios.

The Military has a series of Sub-Branches, that are as following:

The Guard:

Guard Recruit [0/--] -

Guardsman [0/--] -

Royal Guard [0/--] -

Guard Sergeant [0/--] -

Guard Captain [0/--] -


The Standing Army:

Recruit [0/--] -

Footman [0/--]

Archer[0/--] -

Scout[0/--] -

Knight[0/--] -


Sergeant[0/--] -

Lieutenant[0/--] -

Commander[0/2] -


Elite(Will be updated) -

Tower Guard [1/10] Berethor Alaren

Dragonbane[2/10] Derick Mcbryant,Tiberius Honor-axe

Wintergarde Spy [1/10] Dante Sorrowmoon



The Magi are the people that deal with Arcane Magic in Wintergarde, often being source of extreme intelligence and source of classified records, they both serve as the archivists of important business and the wielders of Arcane that help the city in military business aswell.

The ranks are as following:

Initiate [0/--]


Magus Instructor [0/--]

Senior Magus [0/--]

Council Magus[0/--]

Head Council Magus[1/1] Akhthellor Blackaegis

Archmage of Wintergarde[1/1](only title) Arahisa Starstag


The Church of Wintergarde is in close proximity of the town itself, the complex of the Church itself housing one of the last bastions of the Silver Hand who still kept to the Alliance.They are the source of spiritual enlightenment in Wintergarde and work as the ones that find and eliminate unholy evil-doers that wish the bad of Wintergarde.There are two sub-branches of the Church which are as Following:

The Priesthood:

Initiate [0/--]

Priest [0/--]

Scholar Priest[0/--]

Priest Instructor[0/--]


The Silver Hand:

Squire [0/--]




Grand Master of the Chapter[1/1]-Angelos Mithrilclash

flamingtext_com_1356553410_802395466.png The Ruling Council are the head of the Town, mostly politicians and leaders of the establishment of Wintergarde, there is only one Lord of the Ruling Council,currently Horadin Ironfoot who has volunteered to govern the city and was approved by the Council of Three Hammers, and he holds different meetings to discuss the internal affairs of the town.The members are as following:

Mayor [1/1] -Tyler Inhofe

Development Consultant[1/--] - Kendryck Hildom

Noble [0/--]

Diplomat [0/--]

Branch Leaders[-/3]

Lesser Lord [0/2]

Lord of Wintergarde [1/1] Horadin Ironfoot.


[align=center]Currently, there are a lot of positions open for the town itself, ranging from guards to aristocrats.I wish the best of luck to whoever wishes to undertake one of these and if you want to have a position you are free to message me in-game for information, if you wish to attain such a position as a member of the Ruling Council, for now you have to apply following this pattern



Brief Description:

Brief Backstory:


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I've made them 0/-- for the sole reason of it being a WIP at the moment, I've yet to figure out how much of what and who, after I decide I'll put a limit.

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I find it amusing how you expect a base built by me and a few other GMs started from a project of my idea to not place myself in order to manage OOCly and not put people that don't even know what this is about as leaders. I will elect a new leader, as of such an early phase I take the leadership of the town temporarily until -something- actually happens.I refuse to put anyone in such a high position before proving himself to me as someone who is capable of doing this.

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Is this still going on? My yet-to-be-created-character's concept would fit right in for the "diplomat" role! I understand that the pattern you posted must be "filled out" in this thread? Or?

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