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[Important] Crash Reports - Steps to Confirm + Format



Hello there,


So the amount of bogus crash reports is just going out of boundaries. From this point on, don't bother sending or creating a post about one unless you follow the below steps:


If you crash once, first you:

  • 1. Make sure your current .exe is patched with our connection_patcher.exe.
  • 2. Make sure your config.wtf is set to SET portal "realm.paragon-rp.com".
  • 3. Check to make sure you have the custom patches from Paragon (DBFilesClient, Interface/WorldMap, World).
If the above is all true and you still crash, you:
  • 1. Try the same command/action you did before that supposedly crashed the server.
  • 2. If it crashes again, report it as accurately as you can with the below form. If it doesn't, don't bother reporting as it was a bogus crash reason.
  • 3. If 2 is true, then create a thread in the Technical Support forum following the format, PM a developer (Razmataz, Data Core) or send them a message on Skype. Summarize and describe what you did as detailed as possible.
The format you want to use:

(Crash reports from now on not according to this format will be instantly locked and moved away.)

[b]What steps will reproduce the crash?[/b]

[b]Have you tested it twice to confirm it was actually caused by what you did?[/b]

[b]Have you patched the .exe provided by Paragon with the connection_patcher?[/b]

[b]Do you have all the custom patches from Paragon?[/b]

[b]What paragon core version did this happen on?[/b] [i](.server info, is formatted 612-x, x being Paragon patch number)[/i]
Let's hope to get some more (decent) crash reports like this. Remember, the only way we're going to make it more stable is if you take just a moment to report your findings to us!


Kind regards,

Data Core

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