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Animation List - The organized version!

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So I've always personally had a rather difficult time sifting through the higgldy-piggldy and often confusingly named animations on our account tools page.

Given the annoyance and the often common need to access animation IDs as quickly as humanly possible to help visually emote NPCs and my characters and such, I decided to sift through them, categorize them, rename them and make them easy to just copy-paste in to the game.

BEHOLD THE FRUITS OF MY LABOUR! (Be sure to download it since viewing it on Mediafire yields some strange results.)


A Microsoft Excel document with two tabs (One for Oneshots, one for States) that contains all useable animations in relatively easy to find categories.

each entry contains:

The Animation ID | The Animation Name | A .npc playemote Anim ID for DMs to quickly copy and paste | A .anim Anim ID that does the same thing for players own characters | A Suggested Icon name in case you wish to macro these animations

By downloading an addon called AdvancedIconSelector, you can search through macro icons the same way you could on TRP2 (R.I.P.) (note that although you can search through icons using this addon, there are far less icons accessible for macro use than there were for TRP2). Simply copy and paste the suggested icon name in to the search box if you're creating a macro for an animation and you'll be able to whip up some easily identifiable animation macros in seconds.

Note: Unfortunately, I cannot recall where I managed to pick up the AdvancedIconSelector for Warlords of Draenor but I can tell you that a functioning version does exist. It may just require a little Google searching.

Hope some folks find this useful!

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Hello there,


Moved to the guides category where helpful, nifty and other magic-y things are located on Paragon.


Kind regards,

Data Core

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