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Rp Races morphs [Heavily WIP]

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So, I just want to make everything simple so i will post all the roleplayable (I know it is not a word) races, yes i am pretty aware of Phoenix's guide but i felt like it was missing some races from i decided to make my own.


                                                       Free & Revokable


Arakkoa - 59449(Protector), 59451(Blood Beak), 59449(Blood Feather), 59371(Dark Talon), 59455(Flight Guard).


Centaur - 172(Simple), 9436(Commander), 9448(Guardian), 4583(Mauler), 9448 (Warmonger).


Dryad - 17340(Simple), 2723(Mirkfallon), 11714(Corrupted).


Nymph - 22127(Chill), 38812(Frost).





Felguard - 18345(Blue) 14152(Simple).

Imp - 47824(Black), 46923(Red), 16889(Shadow).

Sayaad(Succubus) - 2737(Black),  10924 (Purple).

Terrorguard - 22809(Red), 20606(Purple), 18373(Green).

Voidwalker - 1132(Normal).

Wrathguard - 22812(Purple Skin - Black Armor).







Lowly Eredar - none yet

Lost Ones - 4688(Light Brown).

The Broken - 21105(Will show the armor that you wear).







Earthen - 26092 (Blue).







Water - 525 

Fire - 33427 

Earth - 453 

Air - 21130 







High Elf - There will be a patch for that.

Satyr - 12334(Purple), 2007 (Red).




Ethereal - 38804(Black), 38802(White).


Furbolg - 6821(Light Blue), 1010(Black).





Gilgoblin - 31982(Light Blue) 32121(Dark Blue).

Hobgoblin - 30263




Grummle - 40786(Packer), 40858(Guide).


Half Breed - none yet.


Hozen - 39500(White), 41058 (Armored).


Jinyu -  40555 (Green), 45740(Waterspeaker), 42142 (Riverstride).


Magnataur - 24954(Simple, you should use scale down before using it), 24856(Alpha).


Nerubian - 29325(Burrower), 23916(Flyer), 24925(Cocoon), 14698(Overseer)


Ogre - 1052(Blue), 11545 (Simple), 11542(Simple, Two-headed).



Ogre Fel - 52892(Mage), 11549(Simple), 11550(Simple, Two-Headed).







Mag'har - maybe there is a patch wip.

Fel Orc - 21267(Will show the armor that you wear).

Dire Orc - None yet.




Saurok - 42923(Green), 40059(Green-Blue), 48094(Red, this one is awesome).


Sporeling - 55443





Taunka - 23840(Soldier), 24973(Soldier 2).

Yaungol - 40530,   41559(Brute).




Tol'vir - none yet.





none yet




Naga - 32583(Warrior) 32568(Sentinel) 34304(Female Rogue) 3231(Female Mage).





Banshee -  8783

Wraith - None Yet




Lesser Val'kyr - 25517.

Vrykul - 22202(Male), 25945(Female).





Non-gilnean - 26787.









Ancient - 17846(Protector), 1461(of War), 1460(of Lore), 24961(of War snow skin).


Pit Lord - 20907.


Crypt Lord - 23880(White), 23881(Purple), 23882(Red), 24789(Regular).


Darkfallen - None yet.


Doomguard - 39298.


Faceless one - 28002 .


Fel Elf - none yet.


Gronn - 54762.


Keeper of the Grove - 150.


Mantid - none yet.


Mechagnome - 62005 .


Nathrezim - 130.


Observer - 29553.


Qiraji Prophet - none yet.


Void Lord - 26214 




Finally done, my fingers hurt now... anyways, please leave me feedback and suggestions.






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