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The Wrath Council

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"The Legion, like Azeroth, will learn to bow."






IC Background


The formation of the Wrath Council came about shortly after the fall of Theramore. Warlocks and Master Arcanists came together in secret to speak of the future. The Horde had fallen to something lesser than what it once was, and the Alliance had failed to stop it. War once again engulfed Azeroth, and few showed any desire to stop it. 


Unification would be needed, and beings of great power would have to bring it about. Thus, the Wrath Council was formed, an organization bent on uniting Azeroth's factions under their banner using any means at hand. They would share the secrets of the Arcane and the Fel with one another, and work to gain influence on either side of the world's conflict. Their underlings hoped for an end of war. Their leaders fought for different things. Many craved power and assured allies. Others wished to see the end of racial conflict. Yet, in the end, their motivations did not matter, for they all would share a similar fate...


What is it?


  Cryptic words and fancy fonts aside, the Wrath Council is a neutral organization of Mages, Warlocks, and anyone else with significant combat prowess. Its IC purpose is to basically be 'The Council of Tirisfal: Bad Guy Edition' with a few regular folk thrown in. Its goal is to unify Azeroth, and conquer the Burning Legion, making them slaves to Azeroth's Warlocks in place of their current masters. It's existence is a secret for the most part, and members of the Council would not go around claiming their allegiance.



What kind of characters would fit?


 To put it simply: almost anyone. There are few class and race restrictions within the Council. While it was founded by Warlocks and their cohorts, any class may sit on the Council or serve it, so long as they work toward its unified purpose. This includes classes that would otherwise be KOS or restricted from certain orders because of what they were, or their choice of magic. For example, Necromancers, Death Knights, and Orcish Warlocks may join with little to no persecution. Servants of the Light would likely turn their heads in disgust, and those who call upon the powers of the Old Gods or similar influence will generally be met with hostility. Demons that are not serving a Warlock will be enslaved, or KOS.


Why should I join?


RPing a darker character for the sake of being MWAHAHAHA! evil isn't for everyone. Warlocks crave power, and the Council facilitates RP where they won't be murdered outright for RPing in such a way. A grizzled veteran doesn't need to find glory in war anymore: he needs an ideal to fight for that makes him feel like he's doing the right thing. If you want your dedicated little Mage to stumble down the slow path of corruption; becoming a Necromancer, what better place to facilitate this than a group that won't slit his/her throat for doing so. Why be a mercenary when you can make hefty coin, gain power or political influence, and fight for a cause you might find worthy, all the while having powerful allies at your back?




High Counselor: The one who holds the Council together. He or she is tasked with stopping internal conflicts, and offering the deciding vote when a decision cannot be made.


Counselor: Powerful Arcanists, Masters of the Fel, Warlords of great repute, Lords of Death, these souls govern the Wrath Council, and answer to no one but the High Counselor.


Enforcer: Soldiers, apprentices, Demons, those belonging to the powerbase of a singular Counselor. These make up the bulk of the Council, and serve as its main fighting force when needed.


Joining IC


Joining Icly is no easy task. One does not approach the Council, as very few in all of Azeroth are aware of its existence, and fewer still survive learning such knowledge. To join the Council, must either build a reputation for themselves, whether it is the mastery of the Arcane, prowess in battle, understanding of Runes, or any other talent, one must be a master in their field.


On occasion, a Warlock may take an apprentice, a Necromancer a group of acolytes, a warrior a protege, these are considered part of the person's powerbase and permitted entry into the Council, as well as access to its secrets. Demons, servants, or young folk who prove themselves worthy enough to be taken on are considered enforcers.



Joining OOC


Joining OOC is easy! Just send us one of us a message, from there we can setup a scene to get you into the guild, and hopefully become good friends! 


Contacting in-game: Ornn, Voedin, Eefje, 


Skype: Jaaaayday, live:cala-tron

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Not a bad idea.. Might make a character for this, or join on an existing one. 

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Who is the 'leader' of this cult? (as much of a leader one can be to a bunch of ambitious, backstab-ready assholes that is).

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This doesn't seem like anti-heroes, more like a bunch of power-hungry people looking to take over the woooorld.


Not a place for my Dark Shaman Batgoat, sorry.



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Power-hungry? Surely not us. I like RPing the good intentions, bad actions sort of thing. Fits those kind of characters well.


The head of the Council is currently Ornn Conclave.

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Seems like a legit good idea for an antagonistic faction.


Agreed. Is it still active? I have an Orc Warlock who would fit in perfectly with this guild. Also, it's such an interesting concept, and I do believe we need more antagonists on this server who are willing to get their hands dirty. This guild could really stir things up!

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I was wondering what that line through the name meant. Oh well. Perhaps someone else might revive the idea in a different form in the future. I would if I was more active/driven at the moment.

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What happened to this guild?

Died within a couple of weeks like most evil guilds do.

Albeit the leader got banned.

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