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[Horde Naval] The Brass Boys

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Ahoy, loyal Horde seafarers! Captain Sleazo Brassbucket, reputable businessman, master of the seas and goblin extaordinaire, needs YOU!

The Brass Baron needs a crew to fight the Horde's battles at sea! Filthy Alliance dogs! Pirate scoundrels! Cruel, illegal slavers! All of them, just waiting to be demolished! Earn glory and honor for the Horde, not to mention three square meals a day, a roof over your head and, of course, the paycheck! Privateers get the best of both sides, baby!
So if you're interested - and why wouldn't you be?! - inquire below for open positions!


Do you have cash to spare? Do you want MORE? Investing in the Brass Baron is a surefire* way to TRIPLE your profits! You fund our continued patriotic endeavors, and a share of our profits go right back to you! And if you're somehow not convinced yet, why not hear what these unidentified yet satisfied share-holders have to say?

"I used to be a poor, broke nobody, just like you! But then I invested in the illustrious Captain Sleazo Brassbucket, now I've got a ship of my own! Thanks, Cap!" - Akali Nani'muz
"Without the handsome and romantically available Captain Sleazo Brassbucket, I'd have nothing but the clothes on my back! But now I'm rich! What're you waiting for!?" - Neym Wiffeld
"His business skills are as straight as his chin - very! Now I see why they call him Sleazo the Breezo!" - Inko Gnito

Hey, this one's already taken! What're you-? YOU'RE NOT TAKING THIS DOWN, RIGHT?!

First Mate
Role currently occupied by First Mate Grins. Open for discussion.



A goblin has needs, and Captain Sleazo Brassbucket's no exception! If you want to be the personal assistant to the magnificent Cap himself, this is the job for you! Duties will include bodyguarding, dressing, poison tasting, attention-grabbing, cleaning, flattering and elevating.

Do you have an obsessive compulsion to minotor all your belongings? Do you want to extend that joy to OUR belongings? Why not indulge your passion AND get paid for it! You'll be required to secure, log and maintain all the Brass Baron's equipment to an acceptable degree!

The Brass Baron is a pinnacle of modern goblin engineering, with Guzzle-n-Go Turbo-Turbines, K.O!-Lateral Boom Cannons and Whirltronic Weather Widgets, it goes unchallenged across the seas! But we still need a talented goblin engineer to keep her running - recommendation from (living) mentor encouraged! Take up the chance to see the world and work with some of the most cutting-edge technology around!

Look, we're not sugar-coating it. Sometimes people get arms blown off. That's where this position opens up! We need anyone who can heal - needles and thread, holy doozits, nature whatnots, anything! As long as you're willing to patch up the brave soldiers of the Horde (and don't charge by the hour), welcome aboard!**

Every ship needs a crew, and the Brass Baron's no exception! Captain Sleazo is currently hiring experienced sailors and seamen to join the Brass Boys! Anyone with experience on a boat gets upjumped from Copper to Brass, along with the generous*** wage increase! Inquire for information!

So you've never been on a boat before, big deal! Afraid of water? Not a problem! Can't swim? Perfect! If you're down on your luck and in need of cash, the Brass Boys always need a spare pair of hands! One-handed candidates need not apply.





artist's interpretation



The noblest ship in all the Great Sea! The Brass Baron is made with heavy, yet aquadynamic armor plates, treated with flame-retardant coating due to previous undisclosed incidents! The cutting-edge goblin engine comes equipped with Hydro-ablative Aqua-wheels, Smog-B-Gone Bilgewater Smokestacks, Emergency Manual Start Propeller, Gangway! Mecha-Klaxon and Multi-navigational Sea Spikes! But don't think it's just a sitting duck - it boasts not one, not 7, but TEN K.O!-Lateral Boom Cannons, and a supply of explosives and ordnance that'd make Gazlowe blush! You'll never be safer**** at sea than aboard the Brass Baron!

So if any of those roles fit your unique and valuable skillset, don't hesitate to contact Captain Sleazo Brassbucket or 'Grins' Grimshaw at Bilgewater Harbor! But better do it quick - our vacancies are getting wolfed down like Gilneas citizens!

PLEASE contact us!

*Profits not guaranteed by Captain Sleazo Brassbucket and associates. Inquire for complaints to our offices in Kezan.
**Captain Sleazo Brassbucket reserves the right to refuse entry to the ship for aforementioned applicants. Acceptance subject to interview.
***Generous in this document is defined as an 8% increase.
****Safety or safety ranking not guaranteed.




The Brass Boys are a horde-loyal privateer crew working mainly for the Bilgewater Cartel under 'Captain' Sleazo Brassbucket, looking for Horde races (and potentially some non-Alliance neutral races) to join the crew for Hordey Naval RP.


If you're interested in becoming a part of the Brass Boys or otherwise interacting, poke Sleazo (trens) or Grins (Smeghead).




smeg did the pictures

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