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Building for Dummies

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Building for Dummies




You might think building's easy. You may have heard from various people that there are a couple of commands you need to deal with, but how specific were those people? You might say that not so much. Or you might be lucky enough to have learned how to spawn stuff. Good enough. What if nothing goes according to your plan and your build slowly descends towards mediocre, at which point you may get a painful headache and simply scrap it all because you've burned yourself out.


I was one of those who wished to become a builder, but had no basic idea of anything that building was. I asked for advices or general explanations regarding building matters. I didn't get any until I was actually in my trials. My first build was a huge forest which I had to spawn for 3 days in a row. I burned myself out a few times and had to take regular breaks. The commands were overwhelming me and at times I'd even make confusions between them.


I was new to building. When I applied I didn't know what I was getting myself into. Who knows, maybe if I knew before, today I wouldn't be part of the Builder Team. And I am looking at you, Builder Wannabe. You may have applied for Builder or are already in the Trials; or perhaps you're someone who has temporary powers and wants to learn a few things; maybe a Staff Member/ Dungeon Master who wants to get creative; or just someone who may one day apply for the Mighty role of Builder? Either one you are, you've arrived to the right place.




Builder's Rights


  • You're a Builder. You're not a Staff. When you're not building, you're just any other member on the server. So, don't let power get to your head and start behaving as you can do whatever you want just because you have a fancy green title. It doesn't work that way.
  • DO NOT abuse your powers. You may be tempted to do it. It's either building an interior that wasn't applied for, delete stuff that was approved to be there or simply mess around with other people's interiors. That behavior can get you really low. Don't do it. You've been requested to spawn some tents or sleeping bags around? Anything else needs Staff approval.
  • You are allowed to host events, if you wish to do so. You enjoy doing it? Sure. Just keep in mind that a Builder doesn't have the same commands as a Dungeon Master does. You can improvise though.
  • The Rule of Three! I admit I have sinned at this one too. After an interior has been approved, you need to wait until the [Waiting for Builder] tag appears before starting work on it.


Builders and Interior Applications


  • There are small camps, which consist of a campfire, bedrolls and a tent or two. A player may request this and you can very much so spawn that.
  • And then there are larger interiors which range from simple homes to huge forts or ships and such. These need to be applied for before they can be spawned. At this point, the Interior Applications kick in.
  • A player (or even you) writes an application which is then posted in the Interior Applications forum. Members can write their thoughts on it and Staff will give their verdicts. The application can be denied or it can be approved, which is where you, as a Builder, come in.
  • You may write a post in the application, stating your desire to work on it and giving the applicant your contact details. You can get his/her contact details too, which should be provided in the application itself. At this point you're free to discuss with the member about his ideas, find a suitable location or simply agree on a plan or blueprint. However, you won't move a muscle just yet.
  • It is when the [Waiting for Builder] tag appears you start spawning for the interior. It is best to work with the applicant around, unless they provide a very detailed sketch or blueprint of what they want. The spawning of the interior depends on its size. It can last for days, weeks or even a month. What goes longer than a month, it is considered a problem and should be dealt with as soon as possible. If the member hasn't been seen for that long, the application should already be in Shelved. You have time issues and think you can't work on it for a while? You can ask another Builder to do it in your stead while you're solving your Real Life problems. It is perfectly understandable. Keep in mind that this is volunteer work still. No one is going to kill you for not building for a while. Just, don't make it a long while.
  • After work on the interior is finished, you may write a new post in the application, confirming it is finished. You can move it to Finished yourself after that.


Builder Reports/Sheets


You're part of the Builder Team? You have access to the Interiors & Builders sheet. What are these sheets, you may ask? Well, the Interiors & Builders sheet is an organized sheet where you keep account of the interiors you've worked on and their teleports. This is a very easy way to have information stored in one place, where the Builders Manager can check as well for the progress and teleport.


Builder's Commands


We have arrived to the interesting part. As a Builder, you have access to vital commands without which you can't build at all. Below, I will list a number of most used commands and shortly explain their uses:


  • .gob target – Targets the nearest object.
  • .gob del target – Deletes the targeted object.
  • .gob del last – Deletes the last spawned object.
  • .ref – Used to refresh the client in order to see any object or gear changes.
  • .gob rel last .1 0 0 – Moves the last spawned object in the direction you're facing.
  • .gob rel last 0 0 .1 – Moves the last spawned object upwards.
  • .gob rel last 0 0 -.1 – Moves the last spawned object downwards.
  • .gob rel last 0 .1 0 – Moves the last spawned object to the left.
  • .gob rel last  0 -.1 0 – Moves the last spawned object to the right.


As suggested by Vykax himself, I support you to turn every single one of these commands into macros. It will prove very useful.


Useful Tools and Addons


You're working on a stressful build and you start having headaches? I'm surprised you're not using these:

  • Trinity Admin – This is very useful if you're not using macros or such. It has functions such as delete and move, which are very useful in making building a more pleasant experience. Download it and extract the folder in your Addons folder which is found in the Interface folder.
  • World of Warcraft: Model Viewer – Or WMV, it is the most useful tool a builder can have. It allows you to see models from the game and easily find the things you're looking for. I suggest you to first make a copy of your WoW folder and then install WMV in that new copy. That way, you'll be able to use WMV while being in-game.
  • Elephant – Can be very useful for events and such, but for Builders too. What if someone writes you a list in game with what he needs spawned and you forget to screenshot it? Elephant is your friend then. Download it and extract the folder in your Addons folder which is found in the Interface folder.


Notes and Advices


You should probably make a character dedicated only for building. It can prove very useful.


Always save macros. In case you're making some macros that you'll need in the future, do a quick logout in order to save them.


Patience is the greatest virtue a Builder can have. Patience, padawan.


Also, keep in mind that this may be only one way to easily building, but it's certainly a painkiller to prevent potential headaches. If you're comfortable with anything else other than what I've listed above, feel free to do it. These are just my suggestions.


Good luck in building, nerds and geeks!

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I suggest GMGENIE for building actually. It makes deleting and moving as easy as the click of a button!


Thank you for this wonderful guide to the role of a builder, too. I think this is a perfect insight to what they do. :)

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I suggest GMGENIE for building actually. It makes deleting and moving as easy as the click of a button!


Thank you for this wonderful guide to the role of a builder, too. I think this is a perfect insight to what they do. :)

Far as I know, Trinity Admin does exactly that. However, I'll give GMGENIE a try and will add it in the guide, just to give people a larger variety of options.


Also, thank you. I think this might be useful for those that wish to know exactly what they're getting into. A nice place to start, I might say, if you're planning on building on Paragon.

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