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Doraleous and Associates

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Information - Doraleous and Associates ( sometimes just called "The Associates" ) is a group of -Warriors for hire- who are dedicated to maintaining peace and justice throughout Azeroth, founded and led by Doraleous. It was just recently founded and their heroic feats are yet to be uncovered.


Doraleous (Taken)



Doraleous is a highly-skilled warrior who has dedicated his life fighting the evil of Azeroth. He is the founder (and current leader) of Doraleous and Associates. Doraleous is a generally kind, honest character who would usually rather end a confrontation without bloodshed - the incompetency of his associates often makes this necessary however


Neebs the Archer(Taken)



Neebs was born in Quel'thalas. He is an unmatched archer, known to be in a class of his own. He is light-hearted and rather simple. He desperately tries to impress Doraleous with quick thinking and problem solving, but usually ends up irritating him. He was recruited into the Associates when Doraleous met him guarding the Quel'Danil lodge in Hinterlands.


Mirdon the Wizard(Taken)



Mirdon is a wizard, and member of Doraleous and Associates . He is over 100 years old, underachieving, foul-mouthed, and has a known love of alcohol. Mirdon is a very poor decision-maker and is often very reckless. He often disagrees with the other associates, and is sometimes cynical towards them (except Doraleous, who he highly respects)


Drak the Dwarf(Taken)


mqdefault.jpgDrak is a dwarf warrior and a member of Doraleous and Associates. He is the most loyal member of the team, and considers himself a great warrior, but Doraleous finds more value in his engineering abilities and work ethic. Drak comes from Aerie Peak in the Hinterlands. He is a trained warrior, but is often teased by the other associates (especially Mirdon) for his inadequate fighting skills.


Sir Walken(Taken)



Sir Walken is a gypsy knight and serves as a "part-time associate" for Doraleous and Associates. He acts as Doraleous' wandering salesman and has a distinctive (rather irritating) way of speaking. Sir Walken is very brave, and has a close friendship with Doraleous. He has a sarcastic wit and is generally liked by the other associates


Broof the Brute(Taken)



Broof is a "part-time member of The Associates" employed by Doraleous. He is immensely strong and a very capable fighter. Broof was originally from the Stromgarde Kingdom, but later migrated to Stormwind after the fall of his homeland. He is a rather violent character who chooses to disregard his emotions. He spent many years fighting in epic battles, becoming known throughout the land as a powerful warrior before he met Doraleous and became an associate.



Those characters which are taken will be marked with the " (Taken) " next to their names.


OOC information

This is just a fun guild to pass the time around when you dont have anything to do and want to have some fun events and quest chains, epic adventures! For those who have no clue who Doraleous and Associates are i recommend watching the web series, ill input the link at the very end, for those who might be interested please put the name of the character you would like to take over either here on the forums or in game to Doraleous.


A lot more characters will be introduced within this little game, this is simply the beginning of the six, if all of them are taken do not fill yourself with sorrow, ill constantly keep updating this with fun characters to play!



Of course all the credits for the amazing concept and the webseries go to Hank and Jed as they are the creators and original owners.

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As I mentioned on a similar topic, I'd like for you to post the creator's name (And link, if possible.)

I understand that this is "just for fun", but credit should be given where it's due.


Other than that, I think it's a good initiative, hopefully you will bring some good sessions to the server.



EDIT; After having watched the first episode - I hope you'll come up with some (Hopefully all) events by yourself and not just copy the events they go though in the animated series.

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