Spell IDs and Disabling them.

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Big thanks to Chase for giving me this script. I figured I would post it on here in case anyone else needed it.


Lets say you are RPing or OOC in mall and you see someone casting a spell that you feel would work well with your character or one of your alts. Sometimes looking the spell up on wowhead can be tedious, as there are frequently many version of the same spell (it is worse when looking for a version of a spell that has no timer, whereas the basic spell does). Simply ask them to link the spell for you, and type this into chat:



/run print(string.gsub("[spell]","\124","\124\124"))



All you have to do is replace '[spell]' with the linked spell by linking it yourself (shift-click the name in chat, for those that may not know). Press enter and a line in chat will appear giving you the ID and name of the spell.





30739 is the spell ID for the Blade Dance spell all characters start with on Paragon.


There may also be times where you need to disable a spell in your spell book.




On my paladin, I have a version of the Avenging Wrath spell without a timer, where as the basic version that paladins learn automatically when created has a 20 second limit. I wanted to use /cast Avenging Wrath in a macro, but for what ever reason it kept casting the wrong version. It would cast the version with the timer, instead of the one without it.


In a situation like this, simply poke an admin and request them to disable the spell. If you delete the spell, you will auto-learn it when you log back in (This only applies to spells your character starts with when created). Disabling it removes it from your spell book, making it unable to cast. Disabling spells is on a character per character basis. A spell disabled on one character will still be enabled on others.

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