Paragon's Rules


Paragon WoW Rules (v7.0.1)



The rules are divided up into a multitude of categories. Because this is a roleplaying server, one will find rules explaining our expectations of how you roleplay in the IC section, and rules about how you conduct yourself in the community in the OOC section.


Common sense is a godsend to have.

The server exists to have fun on.

If you compromise other people’s fun, you are more than likely violating the rules.

Please be considerate of everyone in the community.


On top of this, the rules outline the procedures that must be followed by all members of the community, including moderators. While you are not required to know these off the top of your head, you may rely on these rules to indicate if protocol not being adhered to.


Please keep in mind not everything in OOC will be written down since a large sum of Player behaviour should be common sense. If you’re old enough to be allowed on the Internet you should be old enough to know how to act as a decent human being. This includes “If it’s not in the rules it’s okay.” arguments being invalid.


If you believe being in a virtual world that’s meant for fun and roleplay is an excuse to be vulgar towards others, or that it has to be your safe space, then Paragon WoW isn’t the place for you.


Finally, as of the application of these rules (known as Paragon Rules version 7)


---- Out Of Character ----

Welcome to the internet. Please make sure you are resilient to being the subject of teasing and are not too sensitive. Make sure you are able to take a joke. This does not mean you are allowed to be rude or insult others as a joke and claim they are thin-skinned. Note that repeated harassment is not tolerated.


Treat people as you want to be treated. Respect people’s viewpoints and discuss things in a constructive manner. Discussions can sometimes get heated, but avoid breaking down into open hostilities if you disagree with someone’s viewpoint.


Not all disagreements are personal attacks. You are expected to respond to criticism with at least some maturity. If you cannot respond to something maturely or with a level-head, it is better not to respond at all.


Be a decent human being. If you don't like someone you don't have to be friends, but don't make yourselves enemies. It is often a better policy to ‘agree to disagree’.


Impersonating a Moderator is strictly forbidden, and if any malicious intent is interpreted, can be grounds for punishment.


Using Paragon as a medium (which extends to group chats outside of Paragon’s official mediums which are composed of members of Paragon) as a means to violate your country laws, the laws governing the United States of America and the laws governing the United Kingdom that are criminally tried will be grounds for immediate Blacklisting.

The reasoning behind this is that you're always subject to your own country's laws. The UK's laws reasoning is that the ownership is mostly based around Europe, which means we can't blindside UK laws. The inclusion of the USA laws is due to the fact our website, server and Discord are all hosted in the USA and thus subject to its laws.


The rules listed below are limited in the fact that they cannot possible address every and each situation that could possibly come up. Staff members will consult with one another to determine how to best proceed with these rules when dealing with content that falls outside their purview, and the arbitration of those situations may result in new rules being written. New rules will, however, always be announced beforehand.


By registering a forum or ingame server account you agree to abide by Paragon’s rules and affirm that you are a capable roleplayer, or that you are willing to learn and improve. You also agree that you are willing to use common sense, or lacking that, refer to Moderators when uncertain of your own actions.


Your forum account is isolated from your server account. The latter is accessible by the website portal (not the forums) where you register your account or the server itself. You may have multiple in game accounts. It is preferred you only have one forum account.


You may multi-box as long as you don't  breach the benefit ruling or use it as an advantage in combat (exceptions apply). Utilizing two or more accounts for your advantage in this way will be punished. Players using multiple accounts are not meant to have any advantage over those who only have access to one.


Paragon does not permit the usage of Proxy IPs on either ingame or forum accounts. IPs are checked for this every so often and will be permanently suspended if deemed Proxy IPs. If there are any sort of specific reasons as to why you’re forced to use one then please contact a Developer to get it whitelisted with us.



You may not post any content that is, or contains, terrorism, gambling, illicit drugs, artless pornography, or anything that violates your local laws in-game. Paragon enjoys a certain level of freedom of speech, but hateful rhetoric and derogatory statements are not tolerated.


You may not post content that targets, victimizes, or assaults a specific individual or a group of individuals in a harassing manner with the intention to humiliate, orchestrate a witch-hunt (accusation that everyone leaps onto in a hostile manner) or similar. There are no exceptions or justifications to breaking this rule.


Content that is designed to bait someone into responding in a negative matter will be treated as such, and is known as instigating. In doing so, expect to receive equal punishment to the person you were dragging the reaction out of. Instigating will most commonly be evaluated by moderators who are aware of the context of the conflict.


Discussions involving religion, politics or other very emotional or personal topics should be discussedin a calm, mature way, but if a moderator believes it’s taking a turn for the worst they’ll ask you to drop it. It’s usually best to avoid it altogether.


Harassment, meaning deliberately and continuously contacting a particular party with the sole intent of communicating unwanted,  upsetting, or inappropriate content, is heavily discouraged. If someone is harassing you, inform them that you’d like them to stop. If they do not stop, if it is possible, block them, and report them. This goes on both the forums, and in-game.


Spamming of any form, including through addons or macros, is highly frowned upon and will in many cases trip a spam-filter. If not, there will be a manual mute that will last no shorter than 24 hours from the time of the mute being imposed.


Advertising for other servers is frowned upon. You are not prohibited from discussing other servers, but coercing others to leave the server or blatant advertising will not be tolerated in public mediums. Running people off the server will not be tolerated in any form.


Encompassing all the above: If you are posting/copying something that you didn’t write, but goes against one of the rules above, you will be punished as if it were your own words. You are responsible for moderating what you say on Paragon.


Content posted in the say, emote or yell channels are strictly In-Character unless enclosed in distinct punctuation markers, (( for )) and [[ example ]], or are in a designated OOC zone such as The Mall. All other actions are to be taken as ICly and will be reacted to as such by Dungeon Masters and Moderators.


Content posted in the public say, emote or yell channels must not be erotic in any shape or form. All erotic content that qualifies as “second base” and beyond must be in whispers, party or raid chat. Private interiors or phases are not ‘public’ locations but we still encourage you to keep the messages in private all the same.


Content contained in TotalRP3 or any other similar addons that allows player profiles and custom items or effects to be made available amongst players for roleplaying purposes must also follow these rules. Images that are NSFW may be linked but they must be clearly marked as such.


It is generally commonplace for, in an event, to use the raid or party channels as a means to post emotes for the DM to respond to, as these messages can be seen anywhere. In such an event, consider using the General or LocalDefence channels to OOC.


As above, if you see people running around around acting like they’re RPing, but can’t see their emotes, try asking if they’re in a party or raid.


World Chat
World Chat is a privilege, not a right. It is a public messaging system than can be seen by anyone and everyone on the server who does not opt out. Those who cannot be found to use the medium appropriately will be restricted from using it.


These rules follow the standard Communications restrictions as detailed above. Racial epithets, blatant profanity, spamming and other destructive or disruptive behaviors will not be tolerated. See Punishment Proceedings for more details.


You are prohibited from starting, posting, or discussing topics pertaining to another person’s punishments including bans, mutes, forum posting-right revokes, character revokes, retcons or character locks. You may discuss these things in other locations, but World Chat is not the appropriate place to air any grievances you may have with the Moderator’s decisions. This also applies to the Mall. Any queries about punishments should be taken directly to a Moderator, but note that Moderators are not obligated to disclose any information about other people's punishments.


Paragon and its Moderators have complete jurisdiction over the content posted on the Forums and are able to edit or delete anything that you post.


Posts that violate the communication rules are able to be unapproved (hidden from public view), archived or completely deleted, if required. 

Posts that are edited, unapproved, archived or deleted by Moderators for violating the rules require a message to be sent to the offender indicating that their post has been edited and to clarify that it was against the rules.


Posts that are made in the Roleplaying categories are expected to be at least partially IC. If you wish to make OOC comments over a gossip thread, start one in the General Chat section instead.


Posts that are made in the Application categories are expected to be constructive criticism, and must be relevant to the applicant and their character, else your posts will be treated as if in violation of communication rules and hidden or archived.


Whilst Paragon does not prohibit nudity in character reference art, it must both be distinctly marked as NSFW, accessible only by hyperlink (the image is not directly embed in the post) and it must be artistic nudity. Art that is clearly erotica will be removed and the poster punished.


In order to obtain access to the Paragon Discord channel, one needs to follow the instructions as set out by Data Core in the Purgatory Channel.


Paragon and its Moderators have complete jurisdiction over the content posted on the Paragon Discord and are able to delete anything that you post.


The content rules for Discord are identical to the ones for the Forums and ingame. Links or embeds of images that are NSFW are strictly prohibited on the Paragon Discord.


Other Media
While Paragon has no jurisdiction over 3rd Party Communication platforms, such as Discord Servers other than Paragon’s official one, Skype, Teamspeak or Mumble, any content that violates these rules and leaks onto the server from an external source will be dealt with as if it had been done on Paragon itself. For example, spamming links of someone’s dirty laundry or pictures of them in a compromising position, will not be tolerated.


If you post something that violates Paragon's rules on these external media, and that later finds its way onto the server, you may be dealt with as if it had been posted on the server to begin with, even if you were not the one who posted the content. This often depends on the severity and seriousness of the topic.


Paragon will not deal with issues of harassment or other communication violations that occur on mediums other than Paragon, it’s official forums and other officially related mediums. If someone refuses to leave you alone through 3rd party communication methods, block them.


Lore Sources
Paragon depends largely on the most recent source of lore as long as it is a viable, canon and realistic source.

The lore found in the most recent novels (within three years) or World of Warcraft: Chronicle is considered valid above all sources.


Messages from the developers, such as in Ask CDevs, or responses to tweets are found to be more viable of a source than the content found in-game unless it can be disputed from more recent or valid sources. As above, more recent material trumps these statements, as well.


Information found in World of Warcraft from quests, books, or dialogue is considered extremely valid and useful for almost all situations. Quest text, while not infallible, can be a very useful tool in understanding a point of view or a concept. Quest-givers can, rarely, be seen as unreliable narrators, as they are not beyond lying. It is important to note, however, that some aspects of World of Warcraft exist purely as mechanical elements to the game, and may be discredited as lore source at the discretion of the Moderation team.


Lore found in the older novels is only valid if there is nothing in the sources from above that overrules it. More recent material, such as the Manga or the Comic Books will take precedence over these novels.


Stories and Lore found in the Warcraft R.T.S. games (and expansions) are valid if nothing above overrules or puts into question the lore found within.


Flavour text in World of Warcraft (that is, a description of a mount, pet or toy found in the Collections tab) are not sources of lore that can be disregarded entirely, but sometimes contain scenarios yet to be found in any other source of lore, such as Grunty and talking Cloud Serpents. While these snippets can be useful, much of it is either a joke or an easter egg and will be regarded as such.


Spell effects from World of Warcraft that have very limited showing, such as the Good and Evil Twin wormhole or the Neuralyzer effect in Area 52 are decided on a per-basis. Anyone wishing to play an ‘evil twin’ character is subject to the same restrictions as anyone playing any other character. (If you’re playing the Evil Twin of a character that requires an application, your character will require an application.)


Flavour text from Hearthstone serves as a very last source of WoW information, helpful in connecting the dots, but unlikely to be valid in all other regards.


Neither the WoWRPG nor The World of Warcraft Trading Card game are considered a viable source of lore and information pertaining to World of Warcraft.


As an example, the content from the novel Illidan contains information about Demon Hunters which has priority over the content found in World of Warcraft: Legion, which is more valid than all prior sources of information about demon hunters found in earlier World of Warcraft expansions and Warcraft 3.


The WoWRPG is not considered an entirely valid source of lore on Paragon. While it may be used to inspire certain characters or roleplay scenarios, any abilities, spells, class descriptions, race descriptions, lore, equipment, feats and attributes are not considered valid lore and must not be used in roleplay. One must find another source in order to have it be valid. There is currently a list of the classes found in the RPG that are allowed to be roleplayed in Paragon.


Command Use
As a player, you are not allowed to summon people without permission. Players are not able to be summoned, by default, and you must use the command “.summon on” in order to allow yourself to be summoned. Using “.summon off” will disable this, but will not prevent Moderators or DMs from summoning you for their events or other reasons.


Player commands are not to be used on another person unless requested or required. Repeated misuse of this may restrict your ability to use commands on other people.


An exception to the above is if you are attempting to limit someone's interference with roleplay. For instance, if someone walked around in Dalaran as Ragnaros whilst you were roleplaying, you would be permitted to demorph or downscale that character after asking them to stop.


The use of .mod scale should be kept within reasonable limits. Do not scale above 1.2 for normal races unless there are exceptional circumstances. If you are using an excessive scale beyond 1.2, players are allowed to scale you down. If you’re unsure if you can, or should, go higher than 1.2 for your character ask other players or Moderators if the scale fits the race.


You are able to use your commands on NPCs, including .npc say and .npc yell, but are asked not to misuse them or use the NPCs as a conduit to your anonymity. These commands are logged and if you are the source, you will be punished as if you yourself posted the message. These permissions can and will be removed if you are found to abuse them regularly.


You are also able to scale and morph NPCs. Avoid doing this in all but the most explicit circumstances where it is appropriate to do so - for instance, to fix a mistake with targeting the wrong unit or to make the NPC invisible by scaling it down. You may also use “.morph 28077” to make NPCs invisible.


The Morph command is a privilege and not a right. If you are found to misuse it, as mentioned above, on players and NPCs you risk having the command taken from you indefinitely. 


Unless actively performing their role Builders and Dungeon Masters must adhere to the above rules as well.


The Mall

The OOC Hub of Paragon also known as "The Mall" is where newly created characters pop in when made. It's also where players can go when they're not busy with any roleplay and try to get people together to make some.


Spells are not to be spammed in the Mall, at least any flashy ones. Doing so is grounds for having them removed by a Moderator. Spells are a privilege on Paragon, not a right, so a Moderator isn't obligated to give it back or give any in the first place. If you want to play with spells ".t spelltest" exist for this.


Morphs and Scaling your character is limited in the Mall. Keep your character small and at a reasonable scale whether it's in the circle with everyone or not. Any morphs that make the ground shake aren't allowed in the mall.


Unless given Developer & Owner permission, no NPCs or Objects may be spawned in the Mall. An NPC may be spawned to help give a player a displayID or show something for a few minutes but it must be despawned immediately after. Only the Devs may make permanent changes to the Mall.


Cosmetic Use
It is possible for players to be given spells by a Moderator. You will be expected to provide spell links or a list of Spell IDs as acquired from WoWhead. You are kindly asked not to harass Moderators with constant requests for spells.


A Moderator reserves the right to not give you any given spell. They may cite reasons such as the spell does damage, spawns NPCs that don't despawn, the spell causes frame rate issues or the spell is extremely flashy. Kill spells are also forbidden and will be disabled by the Developers.


Spamming spells in any environment on Paragon is automatic grounds for a Moderator to remove that spell from you. The Mall is no exception; if you need somewhere to test your spells, you are welcome to use .t spelltest. This does not apply to minor combat spells such as HAMMER! Or Speed Slash.

As of 710-6 (Aug 14, 2017): Everyone now has access to cast (+ back / self) in .t spelltest. Outside of that place, it's still DM and above. We encourage using this opportunity to find creative spells but please be diligent in reporting possible crash spells if you come across them. Intentional abuse of (crash) spells will result in punishment.



Applications are made by players. If a Builder, Dungeon Master, Moderator or the Admin makes an application, their application will be treated as though it was made by a normal member of the community. Moderators and the Admin cannot post support on their own application.


The majority of applications made will be in public. Posts in Applications must be constructive criticism and not derogatory or accusatory in a negative manner. “Secret” applications are allowed if you are applying for a character that implicitly requires secrecy, such as a spy or an infiltrator. These must be posted into the Contact Moderator part of the forums and may take a longer amount of time to process. “OOC Backlash” or “Fear of Metagaming” is not a valid reason.

There is no such thing as a ‘neutral’ vote when referring to an Application. If a Moderator’s review has “Pending” it means they just need something clarified before they can decide whether to Pass or Fail.


Applications that rest at 0 will be denied once they have gone past a 10 day limit without a positive value in every category. (This does not apply to unreviewed applications.)


You cannot play either a trial or restricted race or class unless you have moderator approval. This is accomplished through either Character application. Character applications require a certain amount of moderator reviews before approval depending on the whether it’s a trial or restricted application which can be found in the Details - Format thread.


In the case of a race or class with an asterisk * marked against it, a minimum of three Moderators are required to vote on it. For a race or class requiring three Moderator votes, you need to remain net +2 or more in order to pass. These applications are judged with more scrutiny, as they often are more powerful or more difficult races to portray.


Races and classes that have a [Limited] marked against it mean that only a certain amount of them may be active at any given time on the server. The amount is stipulated in the Limited Classes/Races List thread. Characters in this list undergo activity checks and if the characters are found to not have been roleplaying for three months, they will be revoked and the limited slot freed up.


Character applications with histories that are longer than 3,500 words total (including all the questions and formatting) will not necessarily be reviewed in the expected time frame. If you are over the limit but still want your application to be passed within a week, feel free to retain the lengthy parts as an optional read, put them in a spoiler and shorten the actual application.


Most Character Application reviews judge the following four factors: Reasonable Description, Reasonable History, Sufficient Understanding and Adequate RP Quality. Moderators will provide feedback on your application with reference to these six factors, before giving a pass or fail in each. As described above, a net positive in all categories is required for most applications, with others requiring more.


An application will not be considered if it is posted while another one of your applications in the same category is still being reviewed or if a character application of yours was denied up to 3 days ago or approved up to 7 days ago. Applications that are posted during this cooldown will be deleted without comment.


Reasonable Description
How do people usually describe your character, be it appearance or personality or a bit of both, and does it fit the character? Characters can vary, as even Kel’thuzad loved his kitten, but a Lich would not be sexually attracted another.


Reasonable History
Does the history seem ‘reasonable’? Is there logic to their development in their history or are there ludicrous feats of strength such as a withered 100 year old priest bench-pressing a group of fully grown Tauren? Avoid using lore figures if possible. It's okay for them to be in the background, example if you were in the culling of Stratholme you likely would've heard Arthas address you and the other soldiers, but to have a lore figure directly involved with your character should be avoided.

Stay humble in your application and try to recognize the possibility for a character’s weakness as well as staying away from involving your character too heavily in Blizzard’s lore. A soldier who served Arthas is fine, but his secret 3rd Lieutenant Darkirk, Marwen’s brother is a step too far.


Sufficient Understanding
Does the application show understanding of the applied-for Race/Class? You are expected to have a level of understanding about the class or race that you are applying for. Certain applications will be exceptionally critical of this, as things like Runemasters require an in-depth understanding.


Adequate RP Quality
Do we trust you? That is what this one breaks down to. Have you played or misplayed characters in the past to the point that the Moderator do not think that you can adequately portray this one? If you’ve followed the rules up until now, this should automatically be a Pass and is reserved for special cases.


If you are new to the server, you may also find yourself failed in this category until you have spent some time showing that you are able to adhere to the rules and are capable of successfully portraying a potentially powerful character.


Once you have posted your application, only small changes are expected to be made. Very big changes such as a rewrite of history will result in an automatic denial. You are expected to do research about your applied-for race/class or combination before posting the application, not after.

If an application is denied, you are asked to wait for 3 days from the point it is moved into the denied forum before you apply for a character application again. The time is logged by a moderator post indicating it has been denied and moved.


If an application is approved, you are asked to wait for 1 week from the point it is moved into the approved forum section before you post another character application. The time is logged by a moderator post indicating it has been approved and moved.


In tandem with the above rules, you may not have two separate Character Applications up at the same time


After your application has been approved, you may go back and edit it in very limited ways. You must contact a moderator about this beforehand though and explain why. If you find the need to change your character’s predicted future, their affiliation, their description or their personality, you may do so, but changes to your character’s history, their class background and NPC-count must be confirmed with moderators before making the change, and such changes must be detailed in an accompanying post on the most recent Character Application thread for that character.


A promotion application should be made if you are applying for an authority rank (i.e. Commissioned Officer) with a character application made for a previous authority rank within the same organization. You cannot apply for your ‘first’ rank with the Promotions Application system. That must be done with a Character Application.


A promotion application can also be made if you are applying for a higher rank in an organisation where you don’t necessarily have a commanding role. Like above, you require an application or a promotion for a previous rank within that organisation and you cannot apply for your ‘first’ rank with the Promotions Application system. This must be done with a Character Application.


Commissioned Officer ranks are outlined in the Clarifications - Military Expansion, Factions and Factions Extended threads. You are expected to do your research, and not doing so can be grounds for denial.


After a successful or failed promotion application you may not make a new application for one month for the same character, or one week for a different character’s promotion.You may not have two separate Promotion applications up at the same time or at the same time as a Forces application.


Promotion applications require a minimum of two moderator reviews as well.


Without an application or moderator approval, your character is entitled to no more than five non-player companions, such as bodyguards, soldiers, students or assistants. These may not be any races or classes from the Restricted list, such as Blademaster, Nathrezim, etc. Unless you have moderator permission.


Upon applying for further forces, you are required to justify the number of forces you have, as well as how (if applicable) you provide their upkeep. Soldiers don’t feed themselves and someone is expect to pay their wages, for example.


The maximum number of forces that can be actively used on the battlefield is 100 NPCs (exceptions are applicable for base of operations, etc.. after Moderator OK) and with that you are expected to be reasonable and responsible in the use of them. 

After a successful or failed forces application you may not make a new application for one month for the same character, or one week for a different character’s forces. You may not have two separate Forces applications up at the same time or at the same time as a Promotion application.


Forces applications require a minimum of two moderator reviews as well.


An interior may only be built if it has an approved application and it has been marked ‘Waiting for Builder’.

You may not roleplay in a custom made interior or claim to own any interior it if it is not yours or it has not been applied for. Roleplaying in another player’s interior is also forbidden unless you have obtained prior consent from them. Interiors in the main phase are exempt from this rule.

Some interiors, however, are public and will have open access from the main world through the use of waystones or are publicly advertised (for instance, the Stormwind Sewer system). Interior rules do not apply to these as there is no clear owner other than the world itself.


Tents and campsites are not considered interiors and thus do not require an application, but are limited to only a few objects within an area of 75 square yards, and are routinely scoured from the landscape. Camps are to consist of no more than 2 tents, their contents and a campfire without Moderator Approval.


Interiors must not be in the main phase, Phase 0, unless there are circumstances that require it to be a public thing (such as a shop, or a recruiting station) Such interiors may be phased out of the main phase if they prove to be disused, consistently, for more than a month. If you find any Interior like this please contact the Builder Manager, they might have some information on it or get it phased soon.


Interior applications will ask that you include an IC location as well as an OOC one, and both are required.


Interiors are expected to be reasonably sized. Your character may have a manor but not a village worth of houses. You may be asked to tone down your expectations if your request is too large.


Furniture with designs foreign to Paragon's current storyline are prohibited from use. This means Builders and Applications should avoid using objects from future expansions.


If you are making a large change or addition to your interior, you will need to use the Extension Application. If you are making a small change, such as adding a couch or a table, it is fine to simply ask for the Builder Manager’s blessings but may be asked for a brief reasoning.


Interior applications only require a minimum of 1 Moderator’s, or Builder Manager’s, review.


Your character is unable to cast a resurrection spell unless they have an approved thread (called the resurrector application) in the Resurrection Applications forum and the specific resurrection (called a resurrection application) has been approved in advance by an additional post made. A Resurrector Application must be reviewed by at least 2 Moderators, but a Resurrection only requires one such review.

Note that there are certain races that can skip the initial resurrector application. These are the Val’kyr, Liches, and some Dragons.


After a resurrector application has been approved, you are required to make an additional post when you resurrect someone for review by the Moderation team and the community.


After a successful or failed resurrector application you may not make a new application for one week for the same character.


Before you cast a resurrection spell, even if you have an approved Resurrector application, you must make a post (the resurrection application) outlining the endeavour your character makes into the resurrection at least three days prior to the resurrection actually taking place.


Your resurrection spell will ultimately fail if your resurrection post is denied. Your resurrection spell may also fail at your own discretion, despite the approval. An approved application does not guarantee a successful resurrection, as outside parties can always attempt to intervene ICly.


You may not make a new post outlining a new resurrection within 2 weeks of your last, even if it was declined.


You may not resurrect someone who:


Has been dead for longer than a year in real time.

Has died due to natural causes (old age, natural disease) or has committed suicide.

Has died ceremonially, such as being burnt at the pyre.

Has already died twice within 365 days.


In the event that you are being risen from the grave as an undead ghoul, you simply need to contact a Moderator and they must publicly state that your character has been risen as an undead. This will be posted in the Shoutbox (temporary post). If it’s a matter of a sentient undead (see: Forsaken) then the person raising you needs to be able to reanimate you. This falls under the Resurrector Application, but the person calls it Reanimate instead. Liches are one of the races that bypass the need for this initial application.


When being resurrected as an Undead, you must explicitly state who is reanimating you and it has to be a player with the ability to do so, such as a Necromancer or another character with access to a Necromancer.


In the event that you are a demon, you do not need an approved resurrector post. Demons who are defeated will recover in one month.


In the event that you have prepared for your death through a soulstone or other artefact, you do not need an approved resurrector post and only need to make a Contact Moderator post. Moderators must be informed of the soulstone use before the event of your death, to prevent ‘random convenience’. If it is in an event, the DM must also be informed. If approved, the item is consumed and you are brought back to life.

Clarifications are designed to fix, through agreement of the community, inconsistencies that may preside in World of Warcraft through any of its mediums.


Alternatively, Clarifications can be used to give more basis to a vaguely described class or regime, which again, requires the communities agreement in order to be considered authentic and Paragon Lore.


You may not make a clarification for anything that has no basis in the World of Warcraft lore - you can only add in details of something that has already been described to exist inside the World of Warcraft universe, and makes sense. As such, custom races and complete head-canon are prohibited. Lore Additions are allowed only in the event that they are aligned with the logic and the environment found in the Warcraft universe. 

Applications to become a Builder on Paragon will be reviewed by the Builder Manager although player input is always welcome. There is no set time for how long it’ll take for your application to be reviewed, some will take a few hours while others a couple of days.

It is also recommended that applicants have not broken the rules repeatedly in the past and has a relatively clean record.
Builders may be removed for dereliction of duty or extended and unexplained absence from performing their role as prescribed in this and other rule sets. There is no ‘quota’, but do not expect to hang on to your position if you are not using it. There are always other applicants who are interested in these positions, and will be given the opportunity if you do not exercise your role in an adequate way.

More information relevant to being a successful builder applicant is found under Responsibilities - Builder.

Dungeon Master
Applications to become a Dungeon Master (DM) on Paragon will be reviewed by the Event Manager although player input is always welcome. There is no set time for how long it’ll take for your application to be reviewed, some will take a few hours while others a couple of days.

It is recommended that an applicant has integrated well with the community and been on Paragon for roughly one month.

It is also recommended that applicants have not broken the rules repeatedly in the past and has a relatively clean record.

Dungeon Masters may be removed for dereliction of duty or extended and unexplained absence from performing their role as prescribed in this and other rule sets. There is no ‘quota’, but do not expect to hang on to your position if you are not using it. There are always other applicants who are interested in these positions, and will be given the opportunity if you do not exercise your role in an adequate way.

More information relevant to being a successful dungeon master applicant is found under Responsibilities - Dungeon Masters.

There are two ways to become a Moderator. Either you make an Application where the community votes you in or the Admin brings you in without the need for an Application. The latter rarely happens and you’d have to stand out quite a bit for this to be considered, a clear diamond in the rough. If you make an Application it will be up for up to ten days.

It is recommended that an applicant has integrated well with the community and been on Paragon for roughly two months.

It is also recommended that applicants have not broken the rules repeatedly in the past and has a relatively clean record.

Your topic is open to everyone to comment on, which may include some players providing approval or disapproval. 

Upon the ten days elapsing, the Admins will allow the community to choose any number of candidates to promote to a trial moderator. This is done by an anonymous vote on the forums, the poll being open for at least a week.

Trial Moderators will be allowed to act as expected of their role immediately after the Admin changed their forum rank, but must note that they may not ban people without Admin permission.


One month in, the trial moderator will be given feedback through the admin on their current progress to becoming a fully fledged moderator.

After two months, the trial period ends. For some people the trial period may be extended by a few days due to an announced leave, and in special circumstances the trial period may be extended for everyone.

The admin may create a form for the community to fill in if needing additional input on whether a trial will pass.


After the trial period has ended, the applicant is either approved and promoted to a full moderator or denied and removed of their rank. It is entirely possible to be denied sooner if the moderator has made enough mistakes, and depending on the reason they may receive a punishment for it.


More information relevant to being a successful moderator applicant is found under Responsibilities - Moderator.


Until you are actively fulfilling your role, be it building, hosting an event or handling a situation as a Moderator, you are effectively a player. This applies to everyone, from the Builders to the Moderators.

Even when you are not actively fulfilling your role, you are still representing your peers and therefore need to have decent behaviour. Persistently poor behaviour may mean removal from your rank.


This also includes remaining a neutral party and avoiding bias towards a Player or a group of Players. Breaking this stipulation will cost the Player his role.


Misuse of your powers, such as using your commands (appear, .obj delete) on other players or vandalising interiors is valid grounds for removing your rank.


Lack of activity will rarely be excused - only in special circumstances (studies, serious real life issues, loss of internet connection), and even then prolonged inactivity won't be accepted. You must communicate with either your Manager or the Admin if you believe your activity will be dipping.


Temporary Powers
In some circumstances it is possible to get temporary powers and access to either Builder or Dungeon Master command sets.


In order to do this, you must contact the Builder or Event Managers, who then requests for the admin to set the permissions. You are expected to go through the chain of command. Do not go directly to an Admin and expect them to give you Builder powers as they will be subject to asking the appropriate manager, as well.

Contact must be maintained with the Manager you contacted, and when you are done with your temporary powers you must inform them so that they can be removed. They are essentially responsible for everything you do with your powers.

Failure to maintain contact, or irresponsible use of the temporary powers, for instance, as explored in the following two sections, will bar you from temporary powers in the future.


You may not use Temporary Powers to Free Build.


Being a Builder comes with an amount of powers and responsibilities. Builders are given the power to spawn objects and NPCs as well as the responsibility to complete approved builds in a timely manner.


Activity, such as what interiors a Builder is working on, how long they have been working on it, as well as what progress has been made, must be reported to the Builder Manager at the very least once per week.


Builders are not to build a personal or guild interior unless it has been approved by the Builder Manager and documentation exists to prove such. The exception to this is a tent or camp as explained under the Interiors rule set.


Modifying or “beautifying” a build or an interior requires Builder Manager permission, as well as the owner’s permission. In the case of an Interior, this refers to the person who applied for it or is the current owner, should it change hands. In consideration of events, this refers to the Dungeon Master in charge of the event.


A builder may see it fit to assist another member of the Builder Team, Moderators, or Dungeon Masters on a particular project by request, regardless of it is an event, an interior or another project.


Builders are expected to avoid the main phase (Phase: 0) when possible and must not build interiors or events in these phases. Tents can be placed in the main phase, but may be deleted without warning if they are an eyesore. If a Builder wishes to spawn a camp or RP hub in the main phase they must get permission from the Builder Manager first.


You are not forbidden from running events, but you are asked to get an event signed-off by the Event Manager who’ll give you permission. This includes telling them what you want to do and why. It will count as if you were a Temporary DM.


Builders are trusted members of the community and are expected to conduct themselves with a level of maturity and respect as befitting their role. We aren't forcing you to change your personality, but constant outbursts or excessively poor behaviour may place you in consideration for removal, regardless of whether or not you were serving the purpose of your role at the time. You are a representative of the community, and will be expected to act as such.


Dungeon Master
Dungeons Masters hold a role with a large amount of power and responsibility, perhaps larger than that of a Builder. Dungeon Masters are given the powers to manipulate the world, to spawn NPCs and objects, as well as simulate spell effects, summon the members of their group without turning 'Summon' on and, in most situations, are the final word when discussing anything involved with their events.


Activity, such as what events a Dungeon Master has been hosting, how long they have been hosting those events, if they are a chain, and the general turn-out of their events are to be reported to the Event Manager at the very least, once per week.


Dungeon Masters are expected to have a tenable grasp of World of Warcraft lore, and to know how to integrate their own stories to be fitting to the setting.


You are expected to confirm the rewards of any event with the Event Manager when those rewards exceed 15 gold per person. This includes mundane items and magical loot, as well as anything that could be considered 'priceless'. Magical items, unique titles, and the likes is best to go through the Event Manager as well.

Concerns over a Dungeon Master's event are best kept until the end of an event, as until that point, they are the ultimate authority unless violating Warcraft's Lore or Paragon’s Rules in a very direct way.


Dungeon Masters are expected to avoid the main phase (Phase: 0) when possible and must not build interiors or events in these phases. Tents can be placed in the main phase, but may be deleted without warning if they are an eyesore. If they wish to host an event in the main phase it must be small time and they are expected to clean up after themselves immediately.


Events hosted by a Dungeon Master may not benefit their own character in any substantial way. If a character is just another face in the crowd or simply makes a 'cameo', this is acceptable, but anything further than a cameo is not. Characters may also function as "Questgivers" in the DM's event, but it is expected that they, personally, will distribute the reward and thus constitute a fair exchange of goods, currency or services.


A Dungeon Master may see it fit to assist another member of the Builder Team, Moderators, or Dungeon Masters on a particular project by request, regardless of it is an event, an interior or another project.


A Dungeon Master must clean up after their events once they are finished, especially if it is in the main phase. You may use an already existing interior or locale when hosting an event, but only with the owner’s permission.


You are not forbidden from constructing interiors, but you are asked to get any interior construction signed-off by the Builder Manager.


Dungeon Masters are trusted members of the community and are expected to conduct themselves with a level of maturity and respect as befitting their role. We aren't forcing you to change your personality, but constant outbursts or excessively poor behaviour may place you in consideration for removal, regardless of whether or not you were serving the purpose of your role at the time. You are a representative of the community, and will be expected to act as such.


Builder & Event Managers
It’s possible for both Moderators and Players to become either Builder or Event Manager. However if it’s a Player they must be part of the team first, meaning only Builders can become Builder Managers and only Dungeon Masters may become Event Managers.


The functions of a Manager can be summarised follows:

_ensure that their Team is active and creating content for the server;

_work as a conduct between their Team and the Moderation Team, representing their interests and working together

with the Moderation Team for the best outcome. 


In no instance Managers have sole decision power over matters of Roleplay and content. Those are functions of the Moderation Team and concerns regarding these topics must be brought before the Moderators through the right channels. Event Requests and Interior Applications must first be discussed with the Moderation Team before being allowed or denied. Alarming inactivity on the DM/Builder Team may be used as grounds to removal or replacement. 


In case there are no Manager the Admin will ask every Moderator and member of the team to inform them whether they want to become a Manager or not. After enough people came forward a vote will be put in place, the team will vote on who their Manager will be out of the list. In case it’s a tie either the team is asked if they want two Managers or the Admin does the tie-breaker.


In the event someone believes the current Build/Event Manager isn’t fulfilling their duties as they should be they can challenge them. How they do this is they contact the Admin saying they want to throw their name in for a vote, where the Admin then does the whole voting process above all over again.


The Moderator holds a significant authority in the moderation of the server and the facilitation of quality roleplay. They are given the powers to enforce rules via punishments, make decisions as a collective that are seen as the overall judgement that become an official ruling or verdict (which are all documented).

Moderators act as caretakers for roleplay, deciding who is permitted to play what characters and what roleplay is considered revokable or retconnable, and as mediators to diffuse arguments and conflicts in a just manner.

Moderators also moderators of all forms of communication on Paragon and must work to ensure that profane and inappropriate content is swiftly dealt with via suitable punishment proceedings. The punishment proceedings must be consistent from one individual as all members of the community must be treated equally.


Moderators are required to ensure that their absence from the server is documented in Moderator Leave. Outside of that, they should be contactable in some measure when at their personal computer in a home environment and be active on the server and the forums for a sufficient time on a weekly basis (anything above single digit hours is sufficient)

Moderators are required to maintain entries in the Paragon Unified Spreadsheet, meaning the following:

Character Applications which are approved need to have the characters added to the Characters spreadsheet as well as sufficiently moved into the Approved section.


Character Applications for Limited Races/Classes also need to be added into the Limited spreadsheet, and the forum post that reflects the roster of Limited Races/Classes needs to be updated.


Decisions that are made as a Moderator that provide an answer to a topic otherwise vague are documented in the Verdicts spreadsheet for other staff to make note of and ensure consistency.


Rule violations need to be properly documented in the Punishments spreadsheet so the rest of the staff are aware of how to follow up on additional incidents with the player in question.

Moderators are required to limit bias by not involving themselves in a decision that, to the rest of moderators would be unanimously seen as them being biased, either positively or negatively. However they are allowed to involve themselves in certain matters if no other Moderator is present and the presence of one is required.

Moderators are required to treat each and every player with respect up until the point when the rest of the Moderators would unanimously agree that such a player is no longer treating you with respect.


Moderators are expected to remain diligent in the review of applications, following the format and laid out protocol, avoiding the prospect of giving exceptions and following Article 2 in terms of the basis for their vote of approval or denial.


Moderators are additionally required to review and post a verdict on at least three applications of any application per week. They are not allowed to post a verdict on their own application. The only time these numbers can be fewer is if there isn’t a lot of applications to review or they gave the Administration a valid reason why they’ll be doing less work.


Due to the inherently complex nature of Administration responsibilities, presently the administrator has a broad range of responsibilities. As of recent, the powers

of Owner are also invested in the Administration while the Developers focus solely on the technical aspect of the server. 

The administration is in charge of the Moderators as well as making changes to the Paragon server with the advice of the Moderation Team.


The administration has the right to choose who becomes a Moderator and the right to deny one, even with popular community vote, as well as removing someone from the Moderator role if deemed necessary. This also falls on being able to deny and/or remove Builders or Dungeon Masters from their roles.


The Administrator has the final and most say in regards to what happens to Paragon and bears the responsibility of making sure the Moderators, Dungeon Masters, Builders and the Managers actively fulfill their role and do so properly.


It is also up to the Administrator to ensure everyone is treated fairly in accordance to the Rules and without bias.

The administration must intervene in the event that Moderators are treated poorly by the community, as much so as the Moderators would intervene should players treat one another poorly. This also is the same for intervening in the event that the community is treated poorly by the Moderators. 

The only role on Paragon that is unobtainable. There are only two people with this rank; Razmataz and Data Core, and they are responsible for the maintenance of the server. 


Developers rarely involve themselves with Moderators’ discussion and events, however they cannot act as enforcers, likewise if they wish to act as advisors to the Moderators (give opinions and such) it’s entirely up to them. It is not guaranteed that the Team will consider their opinions at all. 



Moderator Discussion
The Moderator Discussion is where the moderators will discuss decisions that affect Paragon, and do so in a public manner so that the community is able to ensure everything is in order and give their own opinion and feedback as well.

Moderator Discussion does not entail discussing player reports or the application of bans in the interests of privacy.


Moderator Discussion may or may not entail threads that would ordinarily go under Contact Moderation Team, but that is at the discretion of the person posting the Contact Moderator thread.


Decisions made by the Moderators regarding a retcon or a judgement regarding a topic that affects multiple people must be properly announced in the Shoutbox and a brief thread under Moderator Discussion explaining why and who or what it may affect.

A Moderator Discussion thread is made by the moderator with a poll outlining all the options, a post that starts with a URL to the comments thread for public use, and a breakdown of the discussion.


The Moderators are said to have come to a verdict when one option has more votes than the other options, sufficient enough that even if moderators that have not voted do so, the overall consensus will not change. Polls must last a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 14 days.


In the event that two options bear similar results and are the majority of a poll’s results, a following poll to clarify the preferred option amongst the community must be made.


A thread must remain public for 2 weeks before a verdict can be reached, and must remain viewable until it has progressed past that stage. Once the thread has been active for two weeks, the original poster must draw a conclusion from the poll’s results and state them in a new post as well as directly to an Admin. At that point, the Poll will be closed.


A Moderator Discussion thread cannot be archived until it has been completely resolved and the consensus has been implemented, be it an unban, a rule change or lore decision.


Upon a Moderator Discussion thread being made, the creator of the thread will also create a post under the Comments section that will allow the public to weigh in their opinions and perspectives.

There is a strict no tolerance policy to flaming, inciting arguments or insulting other players in the comments section, regardless of their vote made.

It is at the discretion of the creator of the thread to duplicate the poll in the Moderator Discussion thread so in order to gauge the public about this. The public vote does not always have to be adhered to, depending on the topic at hand, although most of the time the community’s vote will matter as much - if not more - than Moderators.


Moderator Leave
Moderators are expected to notify the community as a whole if they are to be away for a period one week or longer. If a moderator has been unseen for a week and there has not been any notification regarding their absence their commands and status are stripped until they return and are able to give adequate explanation as to their disappearance. Depending on the length of time they were gone this may not mean outright termination from the Moderation team, but it will still be expected that they can supply some reason for them being gone for an extended period of time.


In the event that a Moderator is going to have increased inactivity but still able to check on Paragon infrequently, then such a post is appreciated, especially if it's for longer than a week, and will avoid the above from happening.


Upon returning, a Moderator simply adds a new post to their Staff Leave thread indicating they are back, and so the community is aware that they are once again available.

Removal of Moderators
There is a strict no tolerance policy to flaming, inciting arguments or insulting other players in the comments section, regardless of their vote made.

Removal of Moderators can be initiated by any member of the community. Players are expected to approach the Admin when attempting to create these threads. There must be a justification and it must be seen as valid by the Admin otherwise the Removal may not be initiated.

Players are not allowed to create a petition for any Moderator that are currently on absence, unless they believe the absence has been lasting for too long (such as a month or more) without the Moderator giving a strong reason for it.

A Removal Thread will have a poll with two simple options: 'Remove' and 'Do not remove'.

The results of the poll will determine the Moderator’s continued presence on the Moderation Team. A Moderator is put up for removal if more than 70% of the votes call for their removal. A poll that receives more than or equal to 50% in favor of removal will result in an in-depth investigation wherein it is still possible to remove them through a moderator vote which will be called after the investigation is concluded. 

In the event a Moderator is held under investigation they will be temporarily suspended from the team until a final decision can be made.

A removal vote must be anonymous and must be viewable for no less than 10 days for it to be considered valid. These votes also needs to have received no less than 40 votes total for the vote to be considered diverse enough to pass.


Players who are no longer part of Paragon (they have made threads claiming they’re leaving, have made no sign that they wish to return/thinking of returning, or just disappeared from the face of the earth) may not vote on these threads. If a vote is seen from them it will be removed.

If a member of the community is found to try and cheat the votes by making Multiple accounts to vote their vote(s) will be removed and they will receive a punishment for it.

The findings of any investigations will be made public after the vote and the proceedings have finished. The investigation is carried out as follows:


The Administrator collects information from people who have posted in the thread their opinion which involves evidence as to why they have chosen their answer.


The compiled list is then PMed to the Developers & Owners and both the Admin and Owners collectively decides what should be done, which may include (but is not limited to) “do nothing”, “give a last chance” or “demote”.


It is also possible for the Admin to remove a Moderator without the need for a Removal Thread if enough complaints have been given and the Moderator has done little to nothing to rectify their behaviour.


Rule Changes
Any and all changes to the server rules or application rules must be accompanied by a post made before the rule is changed. Any new rules or removal of old rules must be posted, giving the community an opportunity to be aware of the changes before they go into effect. Furthermore any discussion regarding the addition, removal, or change in rules must be done in the Moderator Discussion section of the forums and go through the community.


Contact Moderation Team
The Contact Moderation Team is designed for the player to communicate directly to the Moderators. Only the Moderators and the thread creator will be able to see their thread.


You are also able to directly point out an issue solely to the moderators, such as a potential cause of crash, a vague ruling or to reopen discussions about a lore change with the unveiling of new information.

Player Reports
Player Reports are a direct method in order to report a player breaking the rules directly to a moderator.


Upon creating a thread, ensure the thread title is anonymised to the best of your ability so it is not possible to discern the contents of the post from solely the title.


The contents of the thread need to outline evidence supporting your accusations of someone breaking the rules.

In some cases, the person accused will be made aware of information against them, and they will be expected to justify.


The person making a report is kept anonymous to the best of the Moderator’s ability. Whilst the evidence in the report may allow the accused to determine who made the report, the moderators will act if such information is used by the accused in a malicious manner twice as severely.


Appeals may be posted for any length of ban which resulted from a punishment. In the case of a permanent ban, this appeal may only be posted sixty days after the initial ban has been set.

The ban appeal will be open for discussion for 10 days. At the conclusion of the 10 days, an ultimatum will be passed, either to unban the individual or to keep the individual banned.


The admin serves as the final decision. While Moderators, and the rare occasion the community, may provide input in the end only the admin has the power to unban someone or keep them banned.

In the case of blacklisted bans, the community will not be able to comment on the appeal and before an appeal for a blacklist can go through the player must be able to convince the Owners & Admin they deserve a shot to be unblacklisted. It is entirely within the admin & Owners right to ignore a blacklisted player.

Unrevoke Applications
In the event that your character is revoked through the IC Punishment protocol you are required to create an unrevoke application to indicate to the moderators that you have amended your behaviour or understanding of the character, race or class.


You will need to acknowledge the reason why your character was revoked and why it was valid. 

You will also need to acknowledge what you have done to correct the issue, and this may be reflected in your character’s description, personality and or history.

Unrevoke applications require a minimum of 2 moderator’s reviews.


Upon breaking any of the rules listed above, various actions may be incurred, depending on whether or not it is on the forums or in game.


On the forums, moderators are able to edit a post such as fixing the thread title, changing the post contents to meet the required standard or to remove content that violates the rules.


In more serious cases, the moderator will be able to prevent posting in world chat, saying messages in the mall, preventing posts on the forums or apply bans to both the forums and in game.


The Moderators log each punishment they issue and apply a punishment based on the severity of the violation and the severity of prior violations of the rules.


Circumventing punishments is not tolerated. In the case that you individually circumvent your punishment, an identical if not a more severe punishment will be additively instated upon you.


In the case that you allow another person to circumvent their punishment by using your account, an identical punishment to the one the person is undergoing, if not a more severe punishment, will be imposed upon you.

Mutes and OOC share Severity # and it’s up to the Moderator giving punishment to choose whether a Mute should be given or a Ban.


#1; Warning - Whether new player or not you'll be informed your behavior is unsatisfactory and need to change.

#2; 3 Day Character Lock - The Character will be locked and unable to be played for three days

#3; 7 Day Character Lock  

#4; Character Revoke - You will no longer be allowed to play your character. In order to be given a chance to play the character again, you must submit a successful unrevoke application.

#5; Race and/or Class Revoke - You will no longer be allowed to play a character with the Race and/or Class of the character that was revoked. In order to be given a second chance to play either, or both, again you must submit a successful unrevoke application.

#6; Race and/or Class Revoke and OOC Punishment - You will no longer be allowed to play any character of the Race and/or Class of the character that was revoked. At this point, you will begin going through the OOC punishments as your overall roleplaying ability will be seen as terrible. This will normally start at Severity Level 2 but may escalate to a higher level under repeated or extreme offences.


#1; Warning - Whether new player or not you'll be informed your behavior is unsatisfactory and need to change.
#2; 1 Day Ban
#3; 3 Day Ban
#4; 2 Week (14 Days) Ban
#5; Indefinite Ban - An indefinite duration ban will be imposed. This ban will not be set to expire until you make a successful ban appeal.
#6; Blacklist - An extreme punishment for actions deemed unforgivable. This ban is permanent and cannot be appealed except in extraordinary circumstances. This category of punishment is reserved for those who commit direct offences against the server itself or have acted in a way that violates the law.



#1; Warning - Whether new player or not you'll be informed your behavior is unsatisfactory and need to change.
#2; 3 Day Mute
#3; 7 Day Mute
#4; 3 Week Mute
#5; Indefinite Mute and OOC Punishment - An indefinite duration mute will be imposed and will not be set to expire until you make a successful ban appeal. At this point, you will begin going through the OOC punishments as your overall attitude will be seen as terrible. This will normally start at Severity Level 3 but may escalate to a higher level under repeated or extreme offences.

#6; Forum, Discord and In-Game Muted - A severe punishment for players deemed toxic. This ban is permanent and cannot be appealed except in extraordinary circumstances where the player may still be able to Roleplay if their Punishments allows them to be in-game but they won't be able to communicate on the Forums, Discord, the Mall or Worldchat anymore. Circumventing through talking in General/Local Defense chats or .npc say will not be tolerated and will result in an indefinite ban (#5 OOC).

Bans are applied to both the server and the forums.

Bans should not be circumvented under any circumstances. If they are found to be circumvented even after the original ban has elapsed, the whole duration of the ban circumvented will be added to the current ban or new ban will be set.

Bans last for a specified amount of time but can also be set to last indefinitely. In the case of an indefinite ban it is required that the banned person writes a ban appeal in order to possibly get it removed.

A ban cannot be imposed until the moderator has informed you of the reason and the duration of the ban, including if it is indefinite.



---- In Character ----

Your characters should be thought to be part of a story on Paragon. Not the centerpiece, not the main protagonist or the antagonist, but rather a supporting character.


You should appreciate and work with other characters to forge an interesting plot that is built around the main story as directed by Blizzard.


Try not to get too connected to your character and avoid making a Mary or Gary Sue character in order to limit that level of connection.


Adhere to the Blizzard lore as best as you can.


You are expected to have some experience with roleplay, and to take measures to ensure your roleplay has both acceptable grammar and is serious.


If you are new to roleplay or you have some experience but wish to improve then the community of Paragon will help to the best of it’s ability so long as you’re willing to learn. In the event you are both inexperienced with roleplay and show now desire, or ability, to improve then you will be asked to leave the community.


Lol-RP - Roleplay which is distinctly non-serious - is not permitted. This isn't to say that non-serious or comedic characters are disallowed, but the general tone of the WoW setting should be respected in all avenues of your roleplay on Paragon. Moderation is key.


God-Modding, which is to say your emote will succeed regardless of what the other person does (such as your attack lands on their shoulder) is not tolerated. On Paragon, every single emote is, by default, an attempt. It is preferable that you make that apparent through appropriate language.


Meta-Gaming, which is for your character to have knowledge on things that they shouldn’t (from simple things like a character name before they’ve introduced themselves, to complex things such a precise accounting of the Chronicles lore) is not tolerated.


Power-Gaming, which is to write the response of another person’s emote for them on their behalf (for instance, your attack inflicts a crushing wound into their right shoulder) is not tolerated.


You may not use your own characters to benefit other characters that you own. Your characters may in no way benefit, profit or otherwise see to gain something from the actions of another of your characters, not even if you would legitimately be able to obtain those materials, money or objects. For instance, if you have a character who is a blacksmith, you may not make armour for every one of your other characters. This includes using multiple characters to work together for someone else.  The only exception for this is if your character is a non-combatant receiving aid in combat from a single person, or if you wish to RP your own minions/underlings.


You are also asked to avoid having two of your own characters interacting in any way, though we understand that this can be unavoidable.

We request that you keep all interactions with people on an OOC basis out of roleplay, and vice a versa. In the situation that you no longer want to roleplay with someone for an OOC reason, you are perfectly entitled to do so, as the rule below states.


You are able to choose on your own volition who you want to roleplay with. You are allowed to decline to roleplay with someone, and people are allowed to decline roleplaying with you, even if they are a single person in a group roleplay. In the situation where a debate would form between who would be allowed to roleplay with the group, it is up to the group (excluding the two people involved) itself to decide. 

The only time you are not allowed to decline roleplay is if it involves avoiding in-character consequences. If you believe the person, or people, won’t roleplay fairly in this situation you can ask for a moderator to be present.

You may capture, restrain and incarcerate other player characters. Said imprisoned player characters can request an escape attempt at any time. Any relevant parties, including the person responsible for their imprisonment, should be present. If the person responsible for the imprisonment cannot attend within two weeks of the prisoner's request, someone of similar authority may take their place. An example of this would be the following: A Warden imprisons your character - Another PC Warden can replace that Warden if their player is not currently active. If nobody is available to replace them, then a Moderator or DM may oversee the escape, or in the worst case, moderators may simply outright allow it to happen.


You are expected to be able to portray your character in a mostly realistic manner. Although we are operating in a fantasy universe, a human footman is not going to suddenly sprout wings and soar into the air or grow long, glowing blonde hair to express how angry she is. This is expanded upon in the ‘Limitations’ section.


When naming your character, you are asked to contain the urge to name your characters after popular culture icons such as Cloud Strife or Geralt of Rivia. You may be asked to change your name or be flagged for a rename if your character’s name is inappropriate in this way (for instance, Triss Merigold the Blood Elf). You will not be punished simply for having the same first name as a popular video game character, but please avoid making carbon copy characters.

While you are allowed to name your character after those in-setting, as people would, inevitably, name their children after heroes or saints, that does not give you an excuse to make a carbon copy of Illidan.


Your character’s backstory is expected to be rooted in the Warcraft universe. There are no exceptions to this rule. You cannot be an invader from another universe who somehow ended up in the Warcraft setting. While you may be involved in the Lore of the setting, you are asked to avoid directly relating yourself to Lore characters.

If your character is determined to be a direct copy of a Pop Culture character, including their mannerisms, history, companions or simply being an out-of-universe rip-off, you will be asked to change them. If you do not abide by the request to change, your case will transfer into the punishment system for OOC & IC violations and will result in a character revoke and perhaps further punishment.

The most interesting characters are those who have flaws. Few people will ever be interested in reading about the magical fairy princess who was perfect and never did anything wrong and was always successful at everything.  


We urge you to avoid any direct involvement with lore characters in your pre-Paragon written background although we are aware in some cases this is unavoidable. It is acceptable to be near them or having fought alongside them at some point in time where it makes sense (ex: alongside Thrall when he first went to Kalimdor). It is also acceptable if you do have any sort of involvement with a lore figure if it’s part of an event that has transpired ICly on Paragon.

Paragon has never tried to push a specific term or name on Progression, however there are multiple ways to look at it and we'd like to go a bit deeper here on what it can mean/be on Paragon. All of the following are correct:


"How progressed is person X" - Stage Presence: This is what Progression has been for a long time on Paragon without any real Moderator intervention or rule drafting. How known your character is with other characters in the world (both players and NPCs). This in no way denotes power. You can be known to many but in no way be close to them in power.


"Progression Required" Ranks/Class - Actual IC Happenings: This progression also does not denote power in a broad sense of speaking. In this case progression means that you should have at least put some time in your character on Paragon itself without just applying for it without them having ever existed or done anything ICly. Progression in this case can be mostly seen as a "what have you done". Be it big (i.e. campaign) or small (i.e. helping a farmer farm his crops), anything that you actually do IC is progression.

Keep in mind that in both cases we've specified that progression in no way denotes power. If anything, it implies seniority and/or activeness. There can obviously be overlap in stage presence and IC happenings because if you're doing more ICly then usually more people (PC and NPC) know of you.


However: You can't use it as a measuring tool to see who will beat the other and at Paragon we also don't count it as such. This is why Paragon does not intend to put any specific ruling on Progression aside from discrediting it as a utilizable means of comparison for any sort of power AKA power levels.


This section is subject to constant updates which will be viewable in the Moderator Discussion Rules Changelog post.


In the interest of making Paragon fun for everyone, it is necessary to enforce some sort of balance as we cite from various articles of lore that in many cases have exaggerated flavour text. The following rules are amendments that try to provide this balance.


Spells that have any remote chance of causing instantaneous death and are described to be able to do so are utterly prohibited to both players and during events.


Your character may not be composed of more than three classes. By multiclassing you acknowledge your character is probably not as proficient as a specialised character would be.


The use of plague concoctions is highly limited. Any plague concoction that turns the living into undead with ease or can kill victims with small levels of exposure over any period of time is forbidden.


It is not possible to fabricate coins or money by transmutation as they will be improperly minted and this will be obvious to anyone.


You cannot be immune to any school or type of damage except physical hits if you are incorporeal. The best you can be is highly resistant to it. However, you can be immune to the negative effects of poisons. This applies to magical items, they can not nullify and completely block magical and/or physical effects, only dampen them.


Pocket dimensions bigger than storage which go through an interior application require a permanent entrance and exit that is made next to the caster upon the creation of the dimension. This entrance can be used by anyone permitting standard interior access rules and cannot be moved or destroyed unless the pocket dimension itself is destroyed.


Wearing Saronite has a very high likelihood of turning your character insane. While it is highly resistant to holy, nature and physical attacks it is not resistant to arcane magic.


Teleporting in single actions is prohibited if you are in a combat scenario. You require two turns in order to establish a teleport.


Due to the sandbox setup of Paragon, you are allowed to wear any item without class or armour type restriction. In some cases you are able to decide how the item is equipped.

It is highly recommended that you avoid overburdening your character with ridiculous, over the top armour. This usually stems from helmet and shoulder items.


Under no circumstances may you use the item model for the following weapons: Frostmourne, the Aegis of Aggramar, the Hammer of Kaz’goroth, Turaylon's Sword, Shalamayne, Taeshalach, Scythe of the Unmaker, and Gorehowl (HD), For all other items of considerable renown, you are prohibited from owning the actual version of it except under very specific event circumstances. Instead, your item will at best be something aesthetically identical to the lore item.

It is possible for items models to be added or removed through the Moderator Discussion section if it comes to question too often exactly how unique an item model may be.

Items of considerable renown include (but are not limited to) all of the Legion artifacts and their additional appearances, Warglaives of Azzinoth, Aitesh, Quel’Serrar, Quel’Delar, the First Satyr’s Spaulders and the Tusks of Mannoroth.


It is possible for items models to be added or removed through the Moderator Discussion section if it comes to question too often exactly how unique an item model may be.


Items of considerable renown include (but are not limited to) all of the Legion artifacts and their additional appearances, Warglaives of Azzinoth, Aitesh, Quel’Serrar, Quel’Delar, the First Satyr’s Spaulders and the Tusks of Mannoroth. 



Your character’s wealth on Paragon is up to you. However, you must be realistic and responsible with your wealth otherwise the Moderators may intervene and punish you on grounds of Powergaming. Beyond that, we use some simple classifications to unify the value of currency:


The value of coin is largely decided by "RPG SRD: Urban Adventures", where a simple house (single room - the human farm model for instance) would cost 1,000 gp. In Paragon terms, this is 10 gold.


This extends to the value of a huge castle, 1,000,000 gp, which in Paragon terms, is 10,000 gold. Living expenses for an adventurer would vary between 1 and 50 silver a week, depending on their living conditions.


You are able to monitor your own wealth using Copper, Silver and Gold coins, item ids 10 11 and 12 respectively. It is of course not mandatory at all. You should only really consider your expenses if you're working for an interior.


If you wish to roleplay a character involved in merchant/economic practices (nobles, merchants, entrepreneurs, etc.) you are expected to justify (mathematically or not) how you make a profit in the event that you are inquired about it by a member of the Moderation Team and/or in Application processes. Essentially you’ll be logically justifying how your character earned their money so that it's made clear you didn’t wake up with a mountain of gold one day without working for it. 


Regarding Passive Income, where your business generates money in the background without the need to roleplay transactions, it is forbidden to make expressive profit through the background just by saying you have a shop. Not every business can generate a fortune and it isn’t considered fair to others if your character can suddenly buy a castle without having done roleplay for it. Even worse if your character was shelved for several months then returns with a fortune.  The money generated by passive income is considered to be the money necessary to keep your business functioning properly -- whereas the money you earn from Roleplay (be it deals or events) is the surplus you get to do whatever you intend to in the conformity of logic. 



You are not permitted to enter an interior without prior OOC consent from the owner. However, attacking, invading or attempting to destroy an interior requires the interior’s owner to at least be present to observe OOCly, in case any defenses are in place to defend the home or business. IC presence is not required but the player must at least be informed and have a chance to contest what happens during the attack.

Upon making your interior you are required to put any inherent defences belonging to that interior in the application, or failing that, make a contact moderator thread if you wish to avoid possible metagaming. The Builder Manager will be notified of these defenses however. Of course, you're also allowed to update these as you see fit ICly with a contact moderator thread but usually you will be told to just apply for an extension depending on what you’re updating. Defenses could include NPC's stationed in the interior, hidden traps or tricks and everything inbetween.


The actions your character will take may lead to negative consequences, such as angering the wrong people or being in the wrong place at the wrong time - all done on your own accord, sometimes perhaps unwittingly.


In such a situation, your character may be killed. Your character is only able to be killed if you have put them in a compromising situation (such as entered a hostile region or ventured into a dangerous location). This includes neutral Horde or Alliance races trespassing in the others lands. Some exceptions exist, such as neutral goblins carrying trade permits.

Furthermore, your character is, for the most part, immune to instant kills unless they are completely incapacitated which is only possible through combat or traps.

In events, your character is unable to be killed by a complete and wholly random cause unless your character is able to avoid taking the chance. This also applies to incapacitation (in which death will follow).


Your character is able to be resurrected as long as appropriate procedures are undertaken in both OOC (the resurrection application) and IC (the resurrection being roleplayed out).


You are also able to prepare for your death, through items such as a soulstone. More details on how this should be carried out are covered in the Resurrection Applications category.



Paragon follows retail, which is Blizzard lore. All major events that happen on the retail servers through questlines, dungeons and raids must also happen on Paragon including which lore characters live and die when, and who occupies what locations when.


Outside of this, however, Paragon permits some extent of custom lore. This custom lore is freely permitted as long as both the character or location returns to the state that it is prior to being used in Blizzard lore, and that said custom lore is feasible and makes logical sense. This ensures that lore characters cannot die prematurely and that we do not deviate from Blizzard lore in an irrecoverable manner.


In the situation that some lore is vague and an answer from Blizzard isn’t available, a Lore Clarification can be made which presents information supporting a verdict or the moderators can be directly asked for a verdict (which will then be added to the Verdicts spreadsheet and documented in a public manner so it becomes ‘canon’). Clarifications may become redundant if new information is revealed.


Paragon allows players to influence the world around them and affect certain areas / take over areas that could be considered 'lore zones' with the A-Z system. However, once we reach a certain point at Blizzard lore these zones, if at all changed on retail, should revert to the retail state in order for us to match Blizzard lore. If a player wishes to change/take over an area but are unsure about it they should consult the Moderator team about it first.

Instead of immediately going "the moderators probably won't allow me to do stuff to this zone" please just ask us in Discord or in a contact moderator thread. Chances are it's actually OK what you want to do and we always encourage diversity and originality.


This section is subject to constant updates which will be viewable in the Moderator discussion Rules Changelog post.

Various sources of information may not be so well documented. This section is dedicated to compiling these difficult to find tidbits that may be brought up during your roleplay.

[Vol’jin Shadows of the Horde + Chronicle: Volume 1] Troll Regeneration applies to:

  • Physical injuries. Instant to quick for smaller wounds. Missing/severed/complex limbs take longer to heal.
  • Organs. Instant to quick for smaller wounds. Complex/missing/destroyed organs (I.E. eyes) take longer to heal.
  • Note that Troll Regeneration’s working seems philosophical in nature and only kicks in if the Troll firmly believes that they ARE a troll AND are capable of recovering and moving on (they cannot doubt themselves or their heritage).

[Blood of the Highborne] Bloodmage Verdant Spheres are prohibited from players.
[Forums: Ask CDev - Round IV] Worgen couples will not produce a child with the curse. It will be a child as if those two characters were humans.
[Forums: Ask CDev - Round IV] Nymphs are considered interchangeable with dryads, but dryad means they are part of the Cenarion family.

[Forums: Ask CDev - Round IV] A mage portal bends the fabric of reality so the distance between two points is removed. A teleport uses the mage's body as that portal.

[Dave Kosak (Game Designer Blizzard) Twitter] Sort of firearms in WoW lore universe: Black powder + flintlocks or wheel locks.


Azeroth is much smaller than it should be. Estimates suggest that the game world is between 100 and 5000 times smaller than the actual world would be. Therefore one must take into account in their roleplay that you cannot walk across any particular zone in a few minutes. It may be done ICly but one must consider Time Scaling as described below.

Consequently, zones, cities and towns are far more abundant in population (which includes guards stationed there) and this must be respected. Also keep in mind that custom content is also constrained by the small game world and the representations of creatures and objects used may not be sufficient, in which case you should contact the creator of the custom content to get accurate details on their location.



The time you commit to your RP is unfortunately not realistic to the amount of time your character is doing something. In addition, due to typing speeds, time must slow down or speed up depending on different situations:


When waiting (be it whilst doing something abstract, such as mining, foraging, researching, being pregnant), the OOC time you spend is short compared to the IC time you spend. 1 day OOC would be 3 days IC.


When travelling, the OOC time you spend is much shorter compared to the IC time you spend. 1 day OOC would be 5 days IC.


When sleeping, the OOC time you spend is about the same to the IC time you'd have spent. Same with most other real life activities like pissing and having meals.


When talking, the OOC time you spend is slightly longer compared to the IC time you spend. 1 hour OOC would be 30 minutes IC.


When fighting, the OOC time you spend is much longer compared to the IC time you spend. 1 hour OOC would be 15 minutes IC.




Guilds are held to a similar standard of naming as characters are.


Guilds that are made to represent a faction are instead considered components of them. The guild leader is not considered a high ranking member of that faction but potentially a high enough rank to command guild members.


Advertising for guilds must not end up as spamming. Mass-whispering people online if they are interested in joining is forbidden.



Guild Bases

Faction-based guilds are allowed to use the faction base as their headquarters but will have little to no access to the NPCs or the resources of the respective faction.


A guild does not own an area outside of these conditions unless they have gone through a Guild HQ interior application. Faction guilds wanting their headquarters to be improved also need to apply.


Like interiors, a guild base may not be roleplayed in until the application has been approved. This is especially the case for custom built guild bases but not so for faction bases.




Events may not have a situation in which someone will die solely by chance. However, if they end up in that situation twice. I.e, they step in fire, they step in fire again, they can be killed. Events must give them an opportunity to avoid the second chance.


If an event is being run with the sole purpose of grievously injuring or murdering a character, that specific scene will be revoked and the Dungeon Master removed of all responsibilities.

If an event is being run with the sole purpose of gaining progression, doing simple events with a closed group to justify giving them gear, you will go the same way as outlined above.

If a DM is seen showing blatant bias for/against a certain member of the event or group of players, and the event is also run for the sole purpose of killing a character/multiple characters by using random chances, rolls or terrible luck, the DM in question must be reported with screenshots for evidence and the DM will be at risk of having their powers and responsibilities removed.

In the case of the above happening and the DM being found guilty of bias. A sitdown will be arranged with everyone (or most if not everyone is available) that was part of the event to come towards a decision in regards to if changes need to be made. Retcons will be the last resort.